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Definitely no to new memorandum

first_imgGovernment spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis, in his briefing to the press on Monday, reiterated the government’s position and its effort for a mutually beneficial agreement via the negotiations underway with Greece’s creditors.He noted that the aim was that Monday’s Eurogroup should note the substantial progress made in the negotiations with the Brussels Group. He also clarified that the government is not examining any ‘plan B’ and added that “nothing ends today” and there was still ground to be covered to reach a final agreement.Asked if Greece will be able to meet a payment to the IMF on Tuesday, he replied that the government has a responsibility to cover obligations both within and outside the country. He emphasised, however, that repayment did not depend on the outcome of Monday’s Eurogroup, since that would be an ultimatum that could be construed as blackmail and the government did not pose the issue on those terms.At the same time, he noted that the country an undeniable liquidity shortage and was not trying to hide this but seeking an agreement “that respects democracy in Europe and recognises Greece’s right to decide policy within the framework of its commitments and obligations.”On the possibility of a referendum, Sakellaridis said that “the government has the support of the society’s majority as well as a fresh mandate,” but is on no account “afraid of the people’s will”. He also said that “if the question is a new memorandum, the government’s answer is definitely no”.He underlined that the government would move within the framework of the mandate it received in the elections and that its guiding principles was to avoid taking measures that place additional burdens on those that have already paid most dearly for the crisis.The spokesman categorically ruled out all possibility that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition will implement a programme and agreement “that the Samaras government agreed to but could not carry out.”Source: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more