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10 NGOs urge Russia not to cut its Internet off from rest of the world

first_img News News Listed as a “foreign agent”, Russia’s most popular independent website risks disappearing Credit: Alexander Nemenov / AFP Organisation Update: The “sovereign Internet” bill was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin on 1 May. RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Internet Читать на русском / Read in RussianReporters Without Borders (RSF) and 9 other international human rights NGOs call on Vladimir Putin not to sign the “Sovereign Internet” bill into law because it would take Russia across a major new threshold in online censorship.Internet freedom is now just a distant memory in Russia but the law that the Russian parliament’s upper house approved on 22 April and President Putin is poised to sign would take Russia much closer to the Chinese model of online censorship. It aims to establish a “sovereign” Russian Internet that is independent of the international Internet and is closely controlled by the Kremlin.Internet service providers would be required to direct traffic through a centralized system of devices controlled by the state, with approved Internet exchange points, and to use a national domain name system (DNS). This would facilitate surveillance and, in the event of unspecified “security threats,” would allow the authorities to block traffic between Russia and the rest of the World Wide Web partially or fully, and within Russia.The joint statement by the 10 NGOs points out that this law violates Russia’s international human rights obligations and, in particular, threatens press freedom and its citizens’ right to information. With its broad and overly vague wording, the law is all the more disturbing because it would reinforce an already well-stocked arsenal of repressive legislation.Russia is ranked 149th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Index.Read the joint statement May 5, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts to go further Follow the news on Russia News Related documents statement_internet_isolation_russia-final.pdfPDF – 89.95 KBjoint_statement_runet_bill_rus_proof-read.pdfPDF – 90.45 KB RSF_en Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown June 2, 2021 Find out more News Two Russian journalists persecuted for investigating police corruption Help by sharing this information April 24, 2019 – Updated on May 7, 2019 10 NGOs urge Russia not to cut its Internet off from rest of the world RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Internet May 21, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Taxi driver denies driving without due care and attention, causing death

first_img News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Google+ WhatsApp Pinterest The driver of a minibus taxi who drove over a Letterkenny woman lying on the road in Ballyshannon on New Year’s Day 2015, thought he had been in contact with a “cardboard box” at first, a court was told.William McKee of Carricknahorna, Cashelard, Ballyshannon is pleading not guilty to a charge of driving without due care and attention, causing the death of 33- year- old Sheena Stewart at Main Street Ballyshannon on January 1st 2015The mother-of-three had been living in Letterkenny, and had come back from a night out in neighbouring Bundoran when the alleged incident happened around 1.50 am.The court was told the mother-of-three was lying on the road in the “foetal position” on the road outside the bus station when the collision happened.The defendant later said at interview, that he did not see the mother-of-three, and when the back axle of the minibus went over the object, he felt “something solid” underneath, so he turned his van and came back to the scene of the alleged incident.Ms Stewart was wearing dark clothes at the time of the collision, the court heard.In outlining the Prosecution case before a seven men and five-woman jury at Donegal Town Circuit Court, Ms Eileen O’Leary SC said the defendant was driving a red Ford Transit taxi minibus at Main Street Ballyshannon when the alleged incident occurred at around 1.50 am.Ms Stewart died from multiple injuries as a result of the collision, the court heard.The court heard that Ms Stewart had travelled from her home in Letterkenny to Bundoran to stay in a B&B in Bundoran with her boyfriend on December 31 to celebrate the holiday season.They arrived in the afternoon, and went out to socialise in the town later.The victim had a disagreement with her boyfriend, left the B&B, and walked to the Finner Roundabout about 1.4km distance at around 1 a.m.She was trying to get a lift back to Letterkenny and was upset, the court heard.Two passing members of An Garda Siochana stopped, and gave her a lift to Ballyshannon Bus Station and told her she could get a bus to Letterkenny that was coming from Dublin Airport, the court heard.Ms Stewart told the gardai that her boyfriend had her phone and her money, but she had a bus pass and was brought to Ballyshannon.Ms Stewart, who had “drink taken” but was “not intoxicated”, was trying to wave down traffic near the bus station in Ballyshannon, and two vehicles swerved to avoid her, the court heard.The court was told that Ms Stewart was lying on the road in the “foetal position” before she was struck by the minibus.She was dragged along the road for a time before the van turned around and came back.An ambulance was called and Dr Isabella Grant pronounced Sheenagh Stewart dead at 2.45 am, the court heard. Twitter Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic By News Highland – October 25, 2017 Taxi driver denies driving without due care and attention, causing death Homepage BannerNews Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Community Enhancement Programme open for applicationscenter_img Pinterest WhatsApp Facebook Facebook Previous article16 people awaiting admission to LUHNext articleMichael Murphy named on provisional rules squad News Highland RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Google+ Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Twitterlast_img read more

Guitarist Dave Malone Talks NOLA Crawfish Fest, The Radiators, Masquerades & More

first_imgNew Orleans has produced some of the most memorable groups in a variety of genres, and for decades the reigning hometown rock band was The Radiators. Word of mouth and traded cassette tapes spread the legend of a band that blew the roof off every time they played a gig.Guitarist Dave Malone, of The Radiators, is part of the all-star team of local musicians closing out the NOLA Crawfish Festival next Monday through Wednesday at the NOLA Brewing Company, alongside George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne, Billy Iuso and Terrence Higgins during the “Daze Between” Jazz Fest.  Our own Rex Thomson had a chance to chat with Malone about the mayhem the band witnessed from the stage over the years, the art of proper crawfish eating, and the ups and downs of a decades-long career in the music business.L4LM: How packed is your Jazz Fest schedule?Dave Malone: Probably seven or eight gigs in eight or nine days. (Laughs) It’s not as crazy as some people’s…but some things came I just couldn’t pass up after I’d already booked other things. So I’m gonna be scramblin’ around. It’s a really special time in New Orleans, and a lot of friends and really talented musicians are coming to town. So I’ll put in a lot of time during the fest but come that first Monday after I’ll take a rest.L4LM: Speaking of gigs you couldn’t pass up, you’re headlining the last night of the NOLA Crawfish Fest with an incredible krewe like George Porter Jr., Anders Osborne, Terrence Higgins, Billy Iuso. That seems like a pretty amazing amount of New Orleans guitar on one stage at one time.DM: Yeah, it’s pretty concentrated and powerful, and with a rhythm section like George Porter on bass, who’s, well…just the best, and Terrence Higgins on drums who is also the best, it’s gonna be “Guitartastic!”L4LM: In jam sessions like this, do you guys work out an outline of the material in advance, or do you just go on musical muscle memory built up by years of doing guitar curls?DM: This will be the third time we’re doing this, with me and George and Terry and Billy. In years past, we didn’t even get together and talk about it. It was literally just 100% jamming. This year, I’m probably gonna get together with Billy, and work out a couple things like some guitar harmonies, then we’ll just get up there and go, and George and Terry can just follow along like they do so well. I hope I don’t jinx myself by planning a little bit. (Chuckles) These jams can go anywhere with these guys, and that’s as cool as it can be.L4LM: Besides all the great music, Shaggy, The Crawfish King, is going to be serving up the massive, scrumptious boil that he’s legendary for. all throughout the show. There’s gonna be a lot of visitors in town who’ve never eaten a crawfish. Any tips for them?DM: Yeah…don’t eat the shells. (Laughs) I’ve been doing this my whole life. Taking the head off, sucking the juice out…pinching the tail, grabbing it lightly with your teeth and pulling the meat out if they’ve been boned correctly…I do it so fast people look at me like I’m from Mars or something. I don’t care though…”I’m eating crawfish, leave me alone.”People, out-of-towners who didn’t grow up doing this they’ll pull the heads off and not suck the juices out…which is just a shame in my book. Then they’ll start peeling the spiny things off the tail not knowing that if you just squeeze them together then the ribs on the underside crack and you can just gently tug it out with your teeth. It comes out as one tail. I go nuts on them, I tell you what and Shaggy’s are some of the absolute best.Here’s The Radiators giving their best musical crawfish tip of all…”Suck The Head”NOLA’s Crawfish King Is Cooking Up A Whole New FestivalL4LM: One of the ways that The Radiators built their dedicated following was as the house band for the infamous masquerade themed MOMs Balls. Can you describe a few of the more memorable outfits you saw from your perch onstage?DM: Well some of the most memorable outfits were hardly anything on really beautiful girls. Y’know, the thing is with all those events, especially the MOMs Ball, is that you really don’t remember it at all. You know that it happened, and that you were there because there are pictures that prove it. But if you do it right, it’s all kinda hazy. But you know it was the greatest Mardi Gras party every year. We would play it at a place and they would ask us not to come back. We finally found a couple of places that actually put up with our shenanigans.The whole idea behind masking yourself during carnival was to let your hair down and not be noticed as who you are. You were free to do whatever you wanted to do, provided you didn’t hurt anyone or break the law or anything. At MOMs Ball they carried that mindset to the extreme. People were just there to have fun. The early ones, man, there were people performing sex acts on the side of the stage. It was an “Anything Goes” kinda party.L4LM: Did you ever find yourself so distracted you forgot to keep playing?DM: (Laughs) I think my head probably forgot to play, but my fingers didn’t. Yeah I’m sure something like that a couple times. It was interesting to see, but you weren’t really shocked by anything. It’s New Orleans. That sorta thing happened even if it wasn’t Mardi Gras.L4LM: How did your involvement with the Balls begin?DM: The band that came before The Radiators had three Radiators and was called The Rhapsodizers. We inherited the MOMs Balls, which is a krewe of misfits, literally the Mystic Orphans & Misfits…MOMs. That all centered around a regular gig we had at a pizza place near the University of New Orleans called Luigi’s. So when the Radiators came into being after the demise of The Rhapsodizers, we inherited the MOMs Ball and the Luigi’s gig every Wednesday night, which was basically a paid rehearsal for us. Our fans would show up every week and encourage us to do whatever the hell we wanted to do.Not only that, but we allowed people to tape our shows, on cassette in those days, from the very beginning. Our fan base was from the fact that we were affiliated with Tulane University pretty strongly and all the different krewes like the MOMs krewe and people at the Dream Palace and Luigi’s. Tulane students that went back home would take these tapes to their brothers and sisters who would be coming to Tulane the next year. So we had new fans showing up who already knew our songs and us, before we started travelling all over the country.It was really beneficial for us to have an affiliation with Tulane. I was just in New York playing a benefit for a cause related to Tulane, and our relationship with the university, and Loyola to a lesser extent was built by what I tell people is us being “Accidentally brilliant.” We let people tape our shows and then these cassettes ended up all over the place. Friends had family in every part of the country. When we started touring, we had fans waiting for us all across the country.It’s pretty remarkable…in the days before social media. We signed with Epic Records a few years later, but it was the tapes that really made us well known. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. We had, and still do, the tape traders who take this stuff very seriously. It’s not just every song and every show we played that’s been documented, but things guys said on the mic between songs. Crazy.There’s a whole website that lists every song The Radiators ever played and who did it originally. We didn’t really do…I have a problem even calling them covers, because covers implies you’re trying to make it sound like the original. We just called them “Songs that other people wrote.” We took them and did our own thing to them. Frankly, more than half of the time we had people thinking WE wrote the songs, because the ones we used were so obscure.Our fan base is really musically knowledgeable about this stuff. They dig back into who really wrote and recorded some the songs. We used to do a song called “Turn On Your Love Light” that the Grateful Dead used to do. The writer of that song is Deadric Malone, and on the record it said “D.Malone.” The song is older than me, but people thought I wrote it.L4LM: One last question about the MOMs Balls. Each event had a tag line or a theme, and The Radiators would write a new song for each one using the theme as inspiration. Is there any chance we can entice The Radiators back into the studio one last time to record those party theme songs you composed for each event?DM: Hey…that’s not a bad idea! I’ve gone over every angle I could think of, but that’s one that never crossed my mind, I can tell ya. That was what made MOMs Ball so special to me, I gotta tell you. Every year Ed and I would write that song for the theme…the bands that took over for us don’t do that anymore. That was a really special thing I looked forward to each year.I need to go back and figure out what they were. See…we really only ever played them that one time.L4LM: It would be a shame if all that music and history got lost.DM: That’s a really good idea. I’m writing it down now, to tell the truth. I never thought about that. It’s been so long though. I know there are people out there who can find the answers to this question a lot faster than I can…what all those theme songs were. It was thrity-three years.I’m gonna issue a challenge to our fans, to come up with a list of all the MOMs Ball themes played during Mardi Gras for those thirty-three years. I have no idea what they are. So please, someone out there…help!Check out one of The Radiators annual reunion sets from Jazz Fest below:L4LM: It sounds like the friendships forged over the years playing together in The Radiators are still fruitful. You even continue working with a couple of them in your new band, Raw Oyster Cult. You’ve also got Papa Gros in there with you.DM: That was put together as my main post-Rads band. I wanted to get a bass player and a keyboard player who could also sing. I wanted to take some of the Rads songs that I had always kind of in the back of my head hoped could have vocal harmonies. Ed and I harmonized sometimes but The Radiators were never known for our harmonies. I wanted to take some of those songs and try them that way. That was my intent with that.I’m older now, so I’m playing a bit less. I’ve got grand kids and all of that. (Chuckles) So I pick and choose what I want to do, and the main thing I do these days is Raw Oyster Cult. But it’s three Radiators, myself, Camile Baudoin and Frank Bua and John Gros from Papa Grows Funk on keys vocals and Dave Pomello from Johnny Sketch And The Dirty Notes on bass and vocals. And sometimes when Dave can’t make it Graham Robertson sits in on bass and vocals.L4LM: With that level of history and talent among the players, that has to be pretty comfortable for you onstage.DM: It is. We can do anything we choose to do, really. The only limitation is us. We need to write some new songs…but I’m lazy. We’ve been saying but it’s all really because of me not getting things done, frankly.L4LM: Another reason to just do the next album of the theme songs we were talking about earlier.DM: Yeah. One of the guys who was really into this, who passed away recently, was a guy named Eric Vandercar. He helped us early on with setting up our website, got us online, and helped document all this stuff for us. Thanks to him and people like him this stuff is out there, and hopefully we can pull it all together. Thanks to him and others like him, all this music lives on.L4LM: Well sir thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us. Good luck during the Jazz Fest craziness and the NOLA Crawfish Festival!DM: The pleasure was mine. Thanks!If all this talk about music and food has you ready to feed your mind and your body, you can get information and tickets to the NOLA Crawfish Festival and three amazing days of the finest in New Orleans music, food and culture HERE. More info can also be seen on the poster below:last_img read more

Long-term rate decrease spurs plan adjustments

first_imgIn recent years, credit unions have been dedicating more assets to split-dollar life insurance arrangements to reward and retain top executives. According to National Credit Union Administration 5300 data, assets for collateral assignment split-dollar life insurance—the most common type of split-dollar arrangement for credit unions—increased 120% from year-end 2015 through 2018.If your credit union has been part of this trend, consider re-evaluating your split-dollar plans in light of this year’s decrease in long-term interest rates. You may be able to improve the benefit for your executive and/or make the underlying loan a more valuable asset for your credit union.Underlying Advantages of Collateral Assignment Split-Dollar ProgramsBefore I get into the reasons you might restructure your existing CASD agreements, let’s look at why these arrangements are growing so quickly. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

TOGETHER! Brings Mentoring into Tumwater Schools

first_imgFacebook59Tweet0Pin0Submitted by TOGETHER!Most of us remember middle school as a time of difficult social dynamics and personal embarrassment, but some of us had it harder than others.  Students who experience higher numbers of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as poverty, homelessness, food instability, divorce, substance abuse in the home, or any form of child abuse have a much higher likelihood of behavioral, social and academic difficulties in school.There are, however, protective factors that can mitigate the effects of these ACEs, and having a positive adult ally who is consistently present and really cares is right at the top of the list.Having a positive adult mentor can make a big difference during the tumultuous middle school years. Photo credit: Kaylie RothLocal nonprofit TOGETHER! has teamed up with Tumwater School District to do something about the impact of ACEs at this complicated stage of life. As part of their Community Schools program, which works to integrate school & community resources to support all students and their families, they are piloting a school-based mentoring program designed to support students as they transition from elementary into middle school.The program is called Pathmakers and is being piloted this year at Michael T. Simmons Elementary School. Volunteer mentors will work with their mentees during the 5th and 6th grade years in both group and one-on-one activities that promote social-emotional learning skills such as emotional awareness, healthy communication, and collaborative problem-solving. If you’re interested in being a mentor or would like to learn more, click here to visit our website, or call Cynthia Spencer at 360-493-2230 x108.TOGETHER! is a local nonprofit organization that advances the health and well-being of all youth through impactful programs that align with their core values of equity, mobilization, and systems change. They partner with schools, local governments and other community organizations to provide services such as free after-school and drop-in programs, in-school resource coordination, health promotion, and substance abuse prevention. For more information about our programs and how you can be involved, please visit read more

Bombers drop 111 on Wildcats in High School Hoop action

first_imgThe Cats are shooting for a provincial berth at the A-Boy’s tournament in Chilliwack March 7-11 while the Bombers are hoping to make a return trip to the AA finals in Kamloops.Bombers beat up on J. Lloyd Crowe Hawks at the HangarThe L.V. Rogers Bombers turned up the defence, holding the Hawks to two first-half points en route to a convincing 66-15 West Kootenay High School Boy’s Basketball victory over J. Lloyd Crowe of Trail Wednesday night at the Hangar.The Bombers outscored the Hawks 49-2 in through two quarters to put an exclamation point on the Silver City squad.Jesse Zak led the Bomber charge with 12 points — all coming from three-point land.Center Adam Berg added 10 points while Jack Sturrup and Ethan Perkins each had eight.The Bombers get right back onto the court to conclude the regular season Wednesday in the South Slocan against the Mount Sentinel Wildcats.Game at the Mount Sentinel gymnasium is 6 p.m.OVERTIME: The road to the B.C. High School AA Basketball Championships for Kootenay teams goes LVR as the Bombers play host to both girl’s and boy’s tournaments February 22-23 at the Hangar. Schedules and teams will be announced in the next week. Bomber coach Ross Naka let the boys out of the barn in the last tune-up game before playoffs.Matt Zukowski dropped in a game-high 30 points and Jesse Zak added 20 to lead the L.V. Rogers Bombers to a 111-46 West Kootenay High School Boy’s Basketball victory over the Mount Sentinel Wildcats Thursday in South Slocan.The Bombers broke open a close game in the third quarter, out scoring the Cats by a 32-9 margin.Cail Spencer chipped in with 15 points for the Bombers.Replying for the Cats were Devon Kabatoff  with 17 and Adam Twible with 13.Both teams now prepare for the Kootenay playoffs.last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — OK Tire B Division Winners

first_imgThey may have started slow out of the blocks, but OK Tire made a run to the B Division title at the Nelson Mixed Slopitch Championships at the Lakeside Ball Diamonds on the Nelson Waterfront.Mallard’s Source for sports would like to honour the great run by OK Tire with Team of the Week honours.The team includes, Brittany Deuling, Tom Trubetskoff, Arlene Anderson, Maurice Penner, Lee Bontje, Ken Anderson, Andy Leathwood, Joseph Germaine, Edi St Arnaud, Stacey Miller and Holly Kerr.last_img read more