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Let’s take pride in our flag

first_imgIn my opinion, the Main Post Office should be showing off a large beautiful American Flag, especially this week when all flags were flying half mast due to the passing of one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. President Reagan, in my opinion, is the greatest before Bush-41.There are two other smaller post offices in Bayonne, one on 6th Street and the other one on 42nd Street, both on Broadway. I know for a fact that the flag over the doorway on the building of the post office on 42nd Street and Broadway is always ripped and tattered looking. Those post office buildings should also have a large beautiful flag hanging from them as well. As small as they are, they are still considered a federal office. All post offices should boast large, beautiful American Flags not just in Bayonne but throughout the entire United States. They should take pride in them and replace the flags as needed. American flags are not expensive for the federal government to provide bigger and larger American flags for all their buildings including grammar schools, high schools, colleges and universities.There should be no excuses that any building, store, etc. should have a ripped and tattered American flag hanging from their business or from a pole on their property. There should always be a light shining brightly on the flag as well.Let me add one comment to this letter. I was very happy to see that the City of Bayonne’s Traffic Department finally put an electric sign in the street by the mailboxes. I wish they would put one by the 6th and 42nd Street post offices as well.CHERIE La PELUSA To the Editor:I was on Broadway today and stopped to mail some envelopes at the main post office. If I’m not mistaken this is a federal building. Why is the flag on a McDonald’s restaurant bigger, and more beautiful than the one at the main post office? After I mailed my envelopes, I looked at the flag that the post office has on the pole and personally I was terribly ashamed and embarrassed by the way it looks. The flag hanging from the pole at the post office on 26th Street and Broadway is filthy and is hidden behind overgrown tree branches in its underdeveloped garden area. You cannot see the pole or the flag unless you really look for it.last_img read more