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RSF’s #WeeklyAddress on US press freedom: Week of June 12-18

first_img RSF_en News Facebook’s Oversight Board is just a stopgap, regulation urgently needed, RSF says June 3, 2021 Find out more Below are the most notable stories regarding threats to press freedom in the U.S. during the week of June 12 – 18: to go further 1. Two journalists were among the 18 arrested on I-94 in Minneapolis during a “standoff” early Saturday morning, June 17, between law enforcement and those protesting the acquittal of the police officer who shot Philando Castile. The Minnesota Daily’s David Clarey and the City Page’s Susan Du were arrested at around 12:40 a.m. on Saturday and were held in Ramsey County’s Adult Detention Center until the morning. They were charged with unlawful assembly and being a public nuisance. 2. The director of the Senate Radio and Television Gallery told television reporters on Tuesday, June 13, that they would no longer be allowed to film interviews in the Senate hallways. This action, which breaks from longstanding tradition in Washington, was quickly reversed following concerns raised by reporters, lawmakers and free speech advocates about reporters’ access to U.S. government officials. 3. CNN and USA Today announced on Thursday, June 15, that they filed lawsuits against the FBI for failing to respond within the time required by federal law to their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for copies of former FBI Director James Comey’s memos. The New York Times filed its own lawsuit on Friday, June 16. The FBI, which tightened restrictions of the FOIA requests it would accept earlier this year, is notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to such requests. Citing a law enforcement exemption, the FBI formally denied CNN’s FOIA request on Friday. 4. On Thursday, June 15, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an off-camera press gaggle that explicitly prohibited audio recordings. This is concerning, as it contradicts Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s claim in an email to CNN in March that audio recording of off-camera briefings “is always allowed.” 5. A court security officer handcuffed a reporter on Wednesday, June 14, while he attempted to take picture of an arrest happening in the hallway of a New York county courthouse. Douglass Dowty, a reporter from and The Post-Standard, was ordered to hand the Onondaga County Courthouse security officer his cellphone prior to being handcuffed. He was not charged, and was in police custody for about 10 minutes before being released. News Help by sharing this information Follow the news on United States News June 7, 2021 Find out more News NSO Group hasn’t kept its promises on human rights, RSF and other NGOs say Receive email alerts June 19, 2017 RSF’s #WeeklyAddress on US press freedom: Week of June 12-18 WhatsApp blocks accounts of at least seven Gaza Strip journalists United StatesAmericas Organisation United StatesAmericas April 28, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Pacers’ Victor Oladipo now considering playing in NBA’s restart

first_imgThe first of Indiana’s eight seeding games before the playoffs is Aug. 1 against the 76ers. The Pacers are fifth in the Eastern Conference at 39-26, and if Oladipo decides to play when the season resumes, then he would be the second starter to return to the team. Malcolm Brogdon deemed himself healthy following a hip injury he suffered March 4, as well as being cleared of the coronavirus. “I know what I’m capable of,” Oladipo said. “I know what standard I have to get to. I know how my body needs to feel in order to perform at the level that I’m capable of performing.” ”It was hard for me to assess where I was,” Oladipo said on a conference call. ”But being able to come down here and practice with my guys at a high level, I think there’s a strong possibility that I might play. I want to be smart because I want to play the next 10 years.” MORE: Injury updates | Player opt-outs Oladipo is working his way back from a ruptured quadriceps tendon suffered in January 2019, which sidelined him for 12 months.He returned last January and appeared in just 13 games, averaging 13.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists while shooting a career-worst 39.1 percent before the season was halted by the coronavirus pandemic. Citing his injury history, Oladipo announced July 3 that he was opting out of the remainder of the season.Last week, however, he informed the Pacers he would join the team in the bubble at Walt Disney World outside Orlando and practice with the team, but not play.That plan appears to be changing.”I was always going to come down here and test it out,” he said. ”When I made my decision, I wasn’t able to play five-on-five, wasn’t able to get up and down the floor and wasn’t able to do things at a high level, so I didn’t think I would be able to play.”But after coming down here and working with the guys, rebounding, running and jumping, I’m trending in a positive direction. So hopefully when it’s time to play, I can play.”  Less than two weeks ago, Pacers All-Star guard Victor Oladipo said he would sit out the NBA’s restart to rehab his surgically repaired right knee. On Wednesday, he said he may be changing his mind after practicing with his teammates in Florida. last_img read more

Senior Flyers letting it grow for Movember

first_imgSenior Flyers forward Paul Weins says it’s a good cause to get behind and support as a whole team.”Just over the past few years more and more people are doing it, and I was kind of thinking myself we should do something like that for the community, and for prostate cancer and men’s health all around, so I thought it would be a good thing for us to get in to.”Weins adds that it’s the first time the team has come together to grow a roster full of ‘staches for the cause. When asked about whose moustache he’s excited to see develop, he says Luke Middleton, who can grow a mustache of the thicker variety, while goaltender Troy Hunt will sport a more “thinner, French” duster.- Advertisement -In addition to all the donations received through the Senior Flyers Movember page, the organization will also be donating half of the proceeds from its December 1 home game, when they welcome the Spirit River Rangers to town.last_img read more

Tiny Life Benefits the Whole World

first_imgSome very small organisms can produce global effects, such as the tiny crustaceans that stir the oceans every night.What would the oceans be like without life? If minerals, gases and nutrients had to mix by diffusion, the process would be very slow. Wind and currents could help somewhat. Now, Houghton et al., publishing in Nature, have added a lively solution that is potentially big and reliable: tiny planktonic crustaceans provide a world-wide benefit by mixing the waters for the creatures of the sea. They swim down at night tens of meters, then come back up in the daytime. This diurnal activity could have a profound influence on the ocean environment, causing ocean mixing three times more powerful than diffusion alone.Biologically generated turbulence has been proposed as an important contributor to nutrient transport and ocean mixing. However, to produce non-negligible transport and mixing, such turbulence must produce eddies at scales comparable to the length scales of stratification in the ocean. It has previously been argued that biologically generated turbulence is limited to the scale of the individual animals involved, which would make turbulence created by highly abundant centimetre-scale zooplankton such as krill irrelevant to ocean mixing. Their small size notwithstanding, zooplankton form dense aggregations tens of metres in vertical extent as they undergo diurnal vertical migration over hundreds of metres. This behaviour potentially introduces additional length scales—such as the scale of the aggregation—that are of relevance to animal interactions with the surrounding water column.The researcher team ran lab experiments with brine shrimp – those “sea monkeys” children buy in pet stores. Since crustaceans respond to light, they were able to control their motions and measure the strength of the eddies they produced as they swam. They confirmed that the eddies are strong enough to mix the water over substantial heights of the water column. Although this remains to be observed in situ, it most likely stirs the waters each day for the benefit of all other sea creatures, even during the doldrums.“It could represent an entirely new role played by some of the most abundant animals on the planet.”Retired Nature editor Henry Gee was impressed with the research, even though he used the occasion to glorify Darwin. “Shrimp cause a stir,” he wrote; “Migration of brine shrimp causes substantial mixing of the water column.” His article includes a short podcast and a video clip that shows how the researchers tested the ability of shrimp to mix water. Sure enough, they found substantial water currents pushing downward as the shrimp swam upward.Credit: Illustra MediaA decade ago, the narrator says, scientists did not believe this kind of aggregation effect was possible. Houghton et al. believe, though, that it is probably substantial enough to influence the global climate. And if creatures as small as brine shrimp have such a large effect, bigger migrators like krill, which live in climatically-sensitive areas near the poles and swarm in numbers large enough to be seen from space, probably have an even greater influence, “changing the balance of ocean chemistry, nutrient flows, and even the climate.” The effect remains to be measured at sea, but if confirmed, the narrator says, “it could represent an entirely new role played by some of the most abundant animals on the planet.”So what does Darwin have to do with it? Gee says,The ability of individuals or groups to alter their physical environment has long fascinated biologists. Indeed, Charles Darwin’s final book, The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms (Murray, 1881), reported his analysis of the changes that could occur through the repeated actions of small creatures. This work was a fitting finale for a career spent showing how small changes could, given the time and opportunity, have large effects. As with worms, so, too, with shrimp.Nobody could argue with the value of field work studying creatures. Darwin’s field work was sometimes honorable, but this last book could not have supported his theory of evolution. The worms were already there, doing work for the benefit of the ecosystem. That doesn’t explain the origin of worms. It also doesn’t explain the appearance of ecosystem that benefits from worms’ plowing of the soil. The new study also does not explain the origin of plankton who mix the waters, or the origin of the larger creatures that benefit from their collective work. But if ecosystems were established from the beginning, they show design to maintain a viable planet, with each organism playing its essential role. One could even ask if land and sea would be habitable without the work of these tiny animals.From Origin, by Illustra Media.Microbes and Global ClimateMost climate modelers consider silicate rocks a “carbon sink” that reduces free carbon dioxide (CO2), the greenhouse gas that Big Science worries about. A new paper in Science Magazine by Hemingway et al., though, says that microbes “eat rocks” and release a lot of that CO2 back into the atmosphere.The reaction of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) with silicate rocks provides a carbon sink that helps counterbalance the release of CO2 by volcanic degassing. However, some types of rocks contain petrogenic organic carbon, the oxidation of which adds CO2 to the atmosphere, counteracting the drawdown by silicates. Hemingway et al. present evidence from the rapidly eroding Central Range of Taiwan showing that microbes oxidize roughly two-thirds of the petrogenic organic carbon there and that the rate of oxidation increases with the rate of erosion.Did climate modelers know this? Did they take it into account? It can’t explain current climate fluctuations, because this balance of nature has apparently been true ever since microbes lived on the land.Scientists need to stop the bad habit of saying, ‘If it exists, it evolved,’ and start thinking, ‘If it exists, there’s a reason for it.’ Microbial release of CO2 may be just such an example of a feedback mechanism to regulate the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.Darwin was impressed with the effects of small, cumulative changes over time, but his bottom-up worldview portrayed individuals as selfish opportunists whose only ethic was survival. The top-down view of design theorists makes much more sense. Perturbations to complex webs can cause a catastrophic collapse; how could these beneficial networks originate by blind chance? Why would Darwin’s dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world originate tiny organisms that play roles within systems much bigger than themselves for the good of the whole? In a designed world, every organism, like the shrimp and the worms in this article, has a purpose as part of a complex web that makes the world habitable. Biblical creationists go a step further to follow what the Bible says about a broken world, suffering and groaning because of the curse on sin (Romans 8:18-25), but retaining, nevertheless, abundantly adequate witness of God’s common grace (Acts 14:16-17) so that everyone has no excuse for unbelief (Romans 1:20). Christians are not surprised, therefore, to see little animals helping us in ways we did not previously know about. (Visited 315 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

South Africa’s Oh-lief baby care range gets rave reviews

first_imgThe baby balm market is big business, if the success of South African start-up Oh- lief is anything to go by. The natural and organic beauty and baby product range went from being a modest home-based word-of-mouth success to an international brand in just four years, earning founders Louiza Rademan and Christine Buchanan R1-million from local bank Standard Bank in its Think Big competition to boost small business.The Cape Town-based sisters are long-time fans of natural and organic products, and when Buchanan was expecting her first child, she wanted to continue using such products. Not finding a suitable range on the shelves, the sisters turned to family recipes, and Rademan whipped up a nappy balm that worked for Buchanan’s child and received rave reviews from family and friends.The seed for what would become an international business was planted; Rademan and Buchanan attended a three-day trade show with 100 units of the balm, only to sell out on the first day. “We made 100 units for the three-day event, convinced that this would be enough. We sold the entire stock on day one. That night we mixed up another 100 jars. We sold out again the following day, and then repeated the exercise that evening, only to sell out again,’ said Buchanan.It was time to concentrate on Oh-lief Natural Products; the sisters quit their day jobs, property and architecture, to concentrate on refining their product. They still worked out of their kitchens, and kept the business to scale, putting the organic baby bum balm on sale.“After people had made an initial purchase and experienced the quality and effectiveness of the balm they purchased more,’ said Rademan. “Women buy by brand, with many using the approach adopted by Tupperware – where sales are based on women selling their product from their homes. By following a similar model, we were able to increase sales.’Rademan and Buchanan took heart at this increase in sales and expanded the olive- oil based range to include adult-focused products. They soon saw their products flying off shelves in pharmacies, health stores and independent baby stores.Rademan and Buchanan say they’ve never “had one bad debt’. That’s a feat for a small business in uncertain economic times, especially for a product that targets high- end consumers, and the partners have capitalised on this success and expanded it using modern marketing; social media, word of mouth and attractive packaging.Modern marketing, worldwide appeal“Exposure on social media may not translate directly into sales, but is essential because it creates brand awareness. “It provides an opportunity to use high-quality visuals that appeal to the market, and also to communicate directly with a pool of existing and potential customers,’ said Buchanan.The brand is now making inroads in Europe, after exhibiting at a European trade show funded by the Department of Trade and Industry. Selling in the UK and Scandinavia, it is no longer a home-based business, but manufactured at larger premises in Cape Town. It is also now going to be introduced to a wider South African market through local retailer Woolworths, which will stock the Oh-Lief luxury adult range at 25 stores.Winning the Think Big Business Champions competition is a big boost for the partners. They say they will be using the cash prize to reinforce “the quality of our product by getting it registered and certified by international bodies.. We are also looking at plans to bring Oh-lief to the attention of all South Africans.’The sisters are determined that even while they grow the brand and business, they will stay true to quality, purity and the “uniqueness of hand mixing their product’.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Thrilling Matches Kick-off State of Origin

first_imgBy BEN HARRISA touchdown to New South Wales’ Nathan Martin with three seconds left on the clock gave the Blues a heart-stopping 11-10 victory in the opening game of the Men’s 30’s division of the 2012 State of Origin series.The first game to be played on the stadium field at Port Macquarie had the hundreds of spectators on the edge of their seats for the full 40 minutes.Queensland scored the first three touchdowns of the match but New South Wales fought back and bagged the next three.Queensland then stepped it up a gear and took a 6-4 lead into the main break before making it 7-4 soon after.But the rest of the second half went back and forth like a tennis final at Wimbledon.Dean McKechnie scored four touchdowns in the second stanza for New South Wales while Gavin Shuker also bagged four for the Maroons.With 30 seconds to go, Queensland equalled the score at 10-all.With the last play of the game New South Wales drove hard towards Queensland’s scoreline and with a beautiful ball from Daniel Rushworth, Martin scored the winning touchdown.NSW Men’s 30s coach Milad Almaoui said it was a win based on character and determination.“We expected that. We always said the first game was a bit of a lottery,” Almaoui said.“We showed character and courage to come back from 3-nil down then 7-4 to win the match.“For a 30’s game, you could not have asked for anything more.”Queensland got one back in the Women’s 30s with a drop-off win in the division’s first game.With scores levelled at 4-4 at the final siren, extra-time was needed to separate the two teams.Queensland’s Lana Curry was the hero, streaking the length of the field to score the winning touchdown and give her team a 5-4 victory.New South Wales won the two other matches in the first time slot with the Blues taking out the Men’s 45’s and the Women’s 40’s.A 3-0 lead was enough for the Blues to hold Queensland off for a 4-2 win in the Men’s 45s.While a second half scoring blitz of five touchdowns helped NSW to win 6-3 in the Women’s 40s. Make sure you stay up to date with these websites for all the State of Origin action: State of Origin – www.soo.mytouchfooty.comTouch Football Australia – Football Australia’s YouTube channel – LinksNSW begin welllast_img read more

10 months agoHysaj agent alerts Chelsea with fresh Napoli transfer warning

first_imgHysaj agent alerts Chelsea with fresh Napoli transfer warningby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveThe agent of Elseid Hysaj won’t rule out leaving Napoli in January.The fullback was close to joining Chelsea last summer.”He could have gone with [Maurizio] Sarri to Chelsea, but Ancelotti blocked everything,” Mario Giuffredi fumed on Radio Marte.“He even publicly said recently that he was counting on him for this last period, but the facts say that in the last four games, Hysaj has only played one.“Therefore that probably means he’s not too important for the Coach. If Ancelotti no longer considers him a starter, and wants to remove the disturbance, we’ll do it.“Hysaj doesn’t deserve this bad treatment, considering how much he’s given Napoli in the last three years, and also because it’s professionally correct to be clear in life.“Maybe it’s just a transitional phase, but every Coach makes his choices and it’s right that’s the case. So if Hysaj has become fourth choice it’s only right they communicate that to us.“If this is a transitional phase we’ll soon see Hysaj as a starter again, or at the very least playing more consistently, but if Hysaj is no longer valued by the Coach we’ll ask for a transfer in January.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

a month agoArsenal boss Emery: We’ll keep playing out from the back

first_imgArsenal boss Emery: We’ll keep playing out from the backby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveUnai Emery admits Arsenal must improve their passing out from the back for Thursday’s Europa League clash with Eintracht Frankfurt.The Gunners’ sloppy distribution against Watford on Saturday saw them blow a two-goal lead to settle for a draw.And Emery is expecting similar high pressure from Frankfurt on Thursday.”To learn is first to have analysis on how we can improve, how we can recover our confidence playing with our objectives, starting and controlling the match, what we are doing with the ball.”Really on Sunday we needed more, that’s what we wanted. We made some mistakes and conceded some goals.”We spoke and we are working yesterday and today on how we can play tomorrow. Frankfurt are usually doing a very high press, with very fast players around the opponents.”Tomorrow we need to improve on the mistakes we made on Sunday to do better. Also we want to achieve another way on the pitch, how we can break the pressing.”After we want to control every game with the ball, with the positioning. We did that on Sunday in the first half, but in the second half we didn’t. And tomorrow is a new challenge, how we are improving, our positioning, our control and our ability to break the press.”Also how we can play the long ball and make some actions in the attacking third, to get the ball, to score and to win the match. Tomorrow is another challenge for us to show we can improve from the game on Sunday.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

8 days agoArsenal management rubbish injury doubts for William Saliba

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal management rubbish injury doubts for William Salibaby Paul Vegas8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal management have rubbished injury doubts for William Saliba.There’s been claims from The Athletic of concerns regarding the defender’s ‘groin strength’.But the Metro says the club are confident he will be ready to compete for a first-team spot next season. Saliba joined Arsenal from St Etienne in the summer and was immediately loaned back to the French club.But Arsenal soon got a chance to have a closer look at the 18-year-old centre-back as he visited their London Colney training base after being ruled out of the first seven games of the season with a hamstring injury.Saliba eventually made his return to action in Ligue 1, making his first three appearances of the season prior to the current international break. last_img read more

Celebrate Earth Month With The Cyberchase Movie On PBS KIDS

first_imgAs children across the country celebrate Earth Month this April, a popular PBS KIDS math series is celebrating its 100th episode with an eco-themed adventure: “The CYBERCHASE Movie.”Celebrate Earth Month with THE CYBERCHASE MOVIE on PBS KIDS in AprilGuest star Rico Rodriguez (Manny from Modern Family) joins Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried when the first-ever movie from CYBERCHASE, the Emmy Award-winning series produced by THIRTEEN, airs this April on PBS stations across the country (check local listings). The adventure will also be available online at and on the go with the free PBS KIDS Video App following the premiere.The future of Cyberspace is at stake in the one-hour special, The CYBERCHASE Movie. Hacker and his bumbling henchbots Buzz and Delete are drilling inside the nature preserve Ecotopia when they carelessly set off a slime geyser, destroying many animals’ habitats and causing overcrowding. Matt, Jackie, Inez and Digit are called in to rescue the animals and restore harmony to Ecotopia. They team up with Ollie (voiced by Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, and quickly learn that harmony on Ecotopia isn’t their only problem. Can the kids restore Ecotopia, rescue their friends and prevent Cyberspace from being lost to Hacker forever?“I had so much fun playing Ollie on CYBERCHASE and joining this great cast for their first movie,” said Rodriguez. “I was really excited to work on the same show as Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried, and math was one of my favorite subjects in school, so this was the ideal project. And it was so cool seeing myself animated as Ollie!”“This is an exciting year for us at THIRTEEN, as we celebrate CYBERCHASE’s 13th year on air and the 100th episode this April,” says Sandra Sheppard, Executive Producer of CYBERCHASE and Director of Children’s & Educational Media at THIRTEEN. “The movie’s environmental focus builds on the CYBERCHASE mission to inspire kids with a love of math. By modeling problem-solving and making practical connections between math and science, we give kids tools to explore their world.”To extend these connections, CYBERCHASE has also created a series of real-world games exploring the environmental topics of keystone species, waste reduction and solar power, available for families to print and play at home at“The CYBERCHASE mantra has always been ‘math is everywhere,’” says Executive Producer Ellen Doherty. “With the real-world games, we’re excited for kids and families to bring math to the playground, backyard or living room.”Classrooms, afterschool programs and museums will also be celebrating Earth Day this April, and CYBERCHASE has made math- and environment-themed lesson plans, activities and video clips available for free download through PBS LearningMedia, PBS’ digital media service for K-12 classrooms.“The CYBERCHASE Movie” will premiere Tuesday, April 15 at 4:30 p.m. on THIRTEEN in New York. Parents can check listings for their local PBS station for broadcast times in their area and can also stream episodes for free anytime using the PBS KIDS Video Player, the PBS KIDS Video App or the CYBERCHASE website.Cyberchase is produced by THIRTEEN Productions LLC in association with WNET and Title Entertainment. Executive producers are Sandra Sheppard, THIRTEEN’s Director of Children’s & Educational Media, and Ellen Doherty. Funding for Cyberchase is provided by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Helena Rubinstein Foundation, The JPB Foundation and Ernst & Young LLP. Additional funding is provided by the Volckhausen Family.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Robbery gang targets elderly women