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February 28 2003 The cold seasons rainy period h

first_imgFebruary 28, 2003The cold season’s rainy period has begun. After the heavy drought during the past years, fortunately lots of rain is arriving this year. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka] With the much needed rain comes erosion. The Agriculture/Landuse department crew takes advantage of the flowing water to fine-tune the runoff management system, on the high road leading to camp. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka] A series of pools, or check dams, are in place to slow the rushing water enough to drop its sand and silt. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka] Free of the abrasive sand and silt particles, the water is less likely to cut through the landscape. Check dams and swales are constructed of stone and packed earth that need upkeep to remain intact. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka] At the lower end of the system nearly four feet of sand and silt have collected, forming a large terrace. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka] A close up of the face of the terrace shows the flow slowed to a trickle. This allows much of the water to be absorbed into the soil of the hillside and used by the local plant and animal communities, rather than flowing into the river. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]last_img read more

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