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CMs flying squad busts fake bar code providers

first_imgGurugram: The Chief Minister flying squad on Friday conducted a raid at the Nathupur slums and busted a fake bar code providers to the private taxis. The fake unit was being set up so that the tax to the public authorities that was to be given by the transporters was avoided.According to the law enforcement officials, the unit run by a person identified as Ajay was deliberately set up in the shanties so that its whereabouts are not identified. In effect, it effectively targetted the truckers and the commercial drivers who purchased the identification codes at a cheap rate so that they can avoid paying taxes to the government. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”We feel that there is a strong group that is operating in the city which is allowing the transporter to operate through illegal means and thereby cause loss to the public exchequer. We were successful in arresting four people from our recent raid. We are in the process to identify some more illegal units that are operating around the city,” said a senior official from the Chief Minister flying squad. “Most of the people who use their vehicles for commercial means for example passenger buses and trucks often use the services to get the fake documents from such units so that they can hoodwink the public officials. Most of the trucks according to our report is also being used in the illegal mining of the Aravallis,” added the public official who was a part of the raids.last_img read more

Stephen Curry Isnt Better Than LeBron On Offense — But Hes As

Apparently it’s the season of athletes making statistically unsupported comparisons to their peers. Back in May, Patrick Peterson claimed superiority over Richard Sherman in the NFL (something that, according to the numbers — is dubious), and now Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry told Dan Patrick Tuesday that he thinks he’s a better offensive player than LeBron James:A better offensive player, me or LeBron? That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that question … Me. He obviously demands a lot of attention on the floor, but I like to say I can distribute, get my teammates involved and be a playmaker as well.With all due respect to Curry, a true offensive force in his own right, this is another case where the majority of statistical evidence doesn’t do the challenger any favors.According to the advanced box-score metrics, James spent the 2013-14 season outclassing Curry in usage rate, scoring efficiency, offensive rebounding, avoiding turnovers and drawing fouls. The only offensive areas in which Curry beat James were jump-shooting — Curry made 42 percent of his 3-point shots and 49 percent of his midrange jumpers; James knocked down those shots at rates of 38 and 39 percent, respectively — and passing (whether measured by assist percentage or SportVU’s optically tracked passing metrics).But James is no slouch in terms of distributing the ball, either; he ranked 19th among qualified NBA players in assist percentage a year ago. Distance shooting is really the only offensive category in which Curry claims a substantial edge over James — and it’s an advantage mitigated by the fact that James’s shot distribution skews so heavily toward easier shots at the rim. So Curry is a better long-range shooter than James, but James doesn’t take that many long-range shots.Zooming out, James’s personal offensive rating was higher than Curry’s even though James used a higher proportion of his team’s possessions (so subscribers to skill curve theory would have a hard time siding with Curry in this debate).Case closed? Not yet. There have been instances when such box-score-based metrics fail to tell the whole story, and players with gaudy combinations of usage and efficiency don’t always have the impact we’d predict from their individual stats. These are the kinds of incongruities that ESPN’s Real Plus Minus (RPM) is supposed to detect. RPM estimates a player’s effect on his team’s efficiency after accounting for the quality of his teammates, opponents and a host of other variables.By RPM, James was easily the offensive player who had the most impact in the NBA last season. Curry was second, slightly outpacing reigning MVP Kevin Durant.The comparison gets a little more interesting, though, when you look at these adjusted Four Factors ratings, which apply the same technique — estimating a player’s on-court impact via regression — to the four essential barometers of a team’s offensive performance: effective field goal percentage (which adjusts ordinary shooting percentage for the fact that 3-pointers are worth 1.5 times as much as 2s), turnover percentage, offensive rebounding rate and free-throw rate.In two of the four factors, James and Curry exert similar degrees of influence: Both boost team shooting percentages and reduce team turnover rates at levels greater than 95 percent of all NBA players. And despite his inferior individual offensive rebounding numbers, Curry is also associated with a much better rate of team effectiveness on the offensive glass than James is. This is probably due in part to the increased likelihood that 3-pointers result in “long rebounds” which can be rebounded more readily by the offense (of course, Miami’s incredibly low offensive rebounding percentage — at least some of which was part of a conscious strategy — bears mentioning).Through this lens, the biggest disparity between the two players is in free-throw rate: James was in the 99th percentile in that category, while Curry ranked in the 54th percentile. But free-throw rate is the least important of the Four Factors. Crafting an overall average based on the suggested weights for each category, Curry would actually place slightly ahead of James on offense (even if the overall adjusted plus/minus ratings generated by the same data set have James at No. 1).That would be an anomalous ranking, however, as the vast majority of advanced statistics side with James in this debate. The more interesting tidbit from such analysis might just be that Curry is within striking distance in most of the numbers, and that, statistically, there’s a good case to be made that Curry is superior on offense to Durant. James’s statistics are too overwhelming to be surpassed, but Curry is as close as anyone in the game. read more

Derrick Rose Out For Season as Bulls Beat Sixers

For Chicago Bulls fans, it was the best of times and the worst of times after the Bulls opened the first round of the NBA playoffs with a 103-91 victory, only to lose superstar point guard Derrick Rose to a season ending knee injury in the 4th quarter.Rose, who has nursed countless injuries during this shortened season, missed 27 of the Bulls 66 games during the year. The league’s reigning Most Valuable Player looked as if he had returned to form, putting together an impressive statline of 23 points, 9 assists, and 9 rebounds before the scary injury.With the Bulls up 12, Rose attacked the rim and attempted to execute a hop step before firing up on of his patented floaters. Unfortunately for Rose—and Bulls fans across the country—the hop step will be the last move he makes on a court this season.Rose reached for his knee immediately, telling teammates that he heard his knee “pop.” Rose was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received a MRI, which brought news of his torn ACL.Once the swelling goes down Rose will undergo surgery to repair the ligament and begin the rehab process. Although the Bulls managed to hold off the Sixers, the team seemed distraught after the game.Forward Kyle Korver, whose facial expression looked straight out of a horror movie when the injury happened, told local reporters this was the “saddest win ever.”“We have to pick ourselves up,” he said. “We’ve played a lot of games this year without him. Maybe that was getting us ready for this.”Many people immediately questioned why Rose was even in the game with the Bulls up 12 and little time remaining. But even after the injury to his star player, head coach Tom Thibodeau refused to second-guess himself.“I don’t work backwards like you (reporters) do,” he said. “The score was going the other way. He has to play. He has to work on closing. Our team didn’t handle that part great. That’s what I was thinking.” read more

Steve Francis Fighting to Overcome Turbulent PostNBA Life

Ten years ago, Steve Francis averaged 21.3 points and 7.8 assists for the Orlando Magic and was considered one of the top point guards in the NBA. The other day, he was recorded getting a chain ripped from his neck while on stage with rappers in Houston.The difference between Francis then and the 38-year-old Francis now is alarming to those who know him as a giving, thoughtful man who would never put himself in a position to be accosted in that fashion.But today’s Steve Francis is not the “Stevie Franchise” of then, although the elements that made him a likable NBA star persists amid the chaos. And that’s why friends believe he will rebound—he’s staggering, but not knocked out.That 2004-05 campaign was his last healthy season in the league. No one knew then, but the subsequent three years of injuries diminished his talent and imploded his self-esteem. He faded into obscurity in 2008 after 10 games with the Houston Rockets.It was then that we lost Steve Francis, just as he was losing himself. . . in pain and self-pity and most damagingly, in alcohol.Many wondered about the Washington, D.C.-area native when he resurfaced in the last year, looking far different, diminished, puffy, aged and worn. Disturbing videos can be found on the web of Francis pouring alcohol from the bottle all over himself and then drinking it. . . before passing out.These are portrayals of his own doing, but illusions, too, according to those who have known him for decades told Atlanta Blackstar.“He’s a good guy, a good man,” said Andre Johnson, who began working with Francis the day after he was the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft in 1999. “And even with the challenges he faces, those parts of who he is still show. He realizes that a lot of what has happened to him is avoidable. And he’s committed to putting himself in better positions.”Francis’ decline is apparent in his appearance, and it is startling. He was a world-class athlete whose success was dependent on his skill and athleticism. On staying in shape. He earned $103.5 million over his nine-year career, during which he was the NBA rookie of the year and a three-time all-star.But his fall is not uncommon, just different. Cynics are quick to judge and joke, but the dynamics of being a professional athlete do not end with money and fame. The pressure to perform is enormous. The pressure to provide can break your spirit, especially when your first instinct is to give, like friends say Francis’ is.Usually, these athletes represent more than themselves. A few generations of family members are a part of the responsibility in most cases and an entire community in many. The weight of this can be far more imposing to those who have not had that responsibility. Sports psychologists have published studies that find many athletes in retirement struggle with coping away from the game.Sugar Ray Leonard, the Hall of Fame former boxing champion, spoke often of going from Las Vegas hotel to hotel when he quit the sport “to feel the adulation of the people. Nothing can top that feeling. I needed it. And when I didn’t have it, well, it wasn’t good.”Leonard admitted to drug use to stave off the bouts of depression. He’s just one example of an athlete unable to cope with life after sports.Steve Francis (left) looking unlike the NBA version of Steve Francis.Francis is another.Johnson said, “He knows one thing and loves one thing. Basketball. It’s not an easy transition to be on the cover of a magazine one day and next day you have to figure out what you’re going to do with your day, with your life. That’s a lot for anyone to handle.”Francis has been described as sensitive: When his mother died of cancer in 1995, Francis could not pull himself together to play basketball. . . for two years.He’s also been described as caring: When a tornado struck the University of Maryland, where he played one year of college ball, he had a dinner catered for more than 700 displaced students.He held a fund-raiser prior to the elections for new D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser. He’s put 60 kids through college through his foundation. He wants to help young artists in the D.C. area get their careers off the ground.But to do so, he has to rise. He’s still here, “which means he still has a chance to rewrite his story,” one friend, who requested anonymity, told ABS. “Over the last several years, Steve lost who he was. He allowed the lifestyle and the money and people around him to influence him.“But he’s a smart and intuitive guy. I’d like to believe the Steve I know is still inside him. . . and will come out for good one day soon.”Francis remains loyal to his family, Johnson said. He takes pride in dropping off and picking up his two children from school. “His family is his foundation,” Johnson said.“I talked to Steve after the whole chain incident. He knows that at this point in his life, he’s got to make better decisions. There have been times when he’s been great. Other times, he’s flawed, like the rest of us. But what he has shown is that he makes things happen. And there are a lot of people betting that he will regain the consistent stability in his life. Including him.” read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 26 Nov 2014 – The Salvation Army last night launched its Red Kettle holiday promotion… usually this comes after Thanksgiving, so they are a few days early and already chiming outside of popular stores on island… you know what they say, whether it jingles or folds, the Salvation Army is happy for the donation. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Salvation Army gets big gift to boost donations; One Week at the Palms Resort Related Items:red kettle, salvation army, thanksgiving Salvation Army does exceedingly abundantly more in Red Kettle Drive Magnetic Media recommended Valentine’s Day Eventslast_img read more

San Diego resident among six who died in Alaska midair crash

first_img May 15, 2019 Posted: May 15, 2019 ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Officials have identified the six people who died in a midair collision of two sightseeing planes in Alaska on Monday near the cruise ship port community of Ketchikan.Alaska State Troopers in a statement late Tuesday said four were American, one was Australian and one was Canadian.The cruise ship passenger victims who went on the flight excursions were identified as 46-year-old Louis Botha of San Diego, 56-year-old Simon Brodie from Temple, New South Wales, Australia, 62-year-old Cassandra Webb from St. Louis, 39-year-old Ryan Wilk from Utah and 37-year-old Elsa Wilk of Richmond, British Columbia, CanadaAlso killed was the pilot of one of the planes, 46-year-old Randy Sullivan of KetchikanThe National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash that also injured 10 people.The larger plane, a de Havilland Otter DHC-3 with 10 passengers and the pilot, had descended from 3,800 feet (1158 meters) feet and collided with a smaller de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, carrying four passengers from the same cruise ship, the Royal Princess, and the pilot.The federal investigation into the cause of the crash could take months, but a preliminary report is expected to be released within two weeks, said Peter Knudson, a spokesman for the NTSB.Names have not been released for those killed or injured. However, Princess Cruises said all were Americans except for two passengers who had been missing and were from Canada and Australia.Coast Guard Lt. Brian Dykens said Tuesday evening that his agency and the Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad found two bodies near the crash site of the smaller plane involved in the collision, a single-engine de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.The planes came down about a mile and a half apart, with some of the debris field on land, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) from Ketchikan, near George Inlet.The Beaver, the smaller plane, appears to have broken apart in midair, according to Jerry Kiffer, duty incident commander of the Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad. He said the plane’s tail and section of the fuselage were 900 feet (275 meters) from the aircraft’s floats, which landed near shore.The smaller plane was partially submerged in the shore of George Inlet after the single-engine plane overturned and hit some trees before crashing, according to Coast Guard Lt. Brian Dykens. The larger Otter landed in water and sank, he said.One passenger on the larger plane died, as did two passengers and the pilot on the smaller plane, Princess Cruises said in a release.Canadian officials said Tuesday that one of its citizens was among the dead. Global Affairs Canada expressed condolences but did not identify the person because of privacy reasons.The larger plane was operated by Taquan Air of Ketchikan and passengers booked the flights through the cruise ship as an excursion. The other plane was operated by Mountain Air Service of Ketchikan, and the four booked the flight independent of the cruise ship, Princess Cruises said.After the crash, the 10 injured people were initially taken to a hospital in Ketchikan. Four patients with broken bones were later transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, spokeswoman Susan Gregg said.Three survivors were released from PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center in Ketchikan on Tuesday. Hospital spokeswoman Marty West says the remaining three are in fair condition.The Royal Princess left Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 11 and was scheduled to arrive in Anchorage on Saturday.___Associated Press journalists Martha Bellisle in Seattle, Rob Gillies in Toronto and Michelle A. Monroe in Phoenix contributed to this report. San Diego resident among six who died in Alaska mid-air crash AP, center_img AP Categories: Local San Diego News, National & International News FacebookTwitter Updated: 9:59 AMlast_img read more

Spook Play Targets Police Killings