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Quake Arena Arcade now available on Xbox Live

first_imgYou’ve played it on your PC, your Dreamcast, and in your web browser… now prepare to play it on Xbox Live. Bethesda and id software have just announced that their popular deathmatch shooter Quake Arena Arcade is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft points, or about $15.If you’ve played Quake III: Team Arena or played a game of Quake Arena on Quake Live, you know the drill, although there are some graphics improvements, as well as a refreshed single player game and some new maps.Here’s the run-down:• Enter the Fragfest: Supports up to 16-player ‘Free for All’ and team-based battles over Xbox LIVE and System Link.• Deadly Arenas: Lava-filled ruins, deserted military bases and the chaotic void of outer space are your battlegrounds.• Quad Damage: Over 15 pick-ups, power-ups, items and runes to boost your health, armor, ammo and abilities.• Become an Arena Legend: Compete in over 75 missions, challenges and boss matches, in your pursuit to defeat Xaero, the Arena Champion. • Claw Your Way to the Top: Check your standings against other gladiators on the Xbox LIVE leader boards and earn up to 12 achievements as you fight your way to fame.• Hone Your Skills: Create a custom bot-match in any arena, in any game type.Interested in a game? Grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace now. I’ll be the minigun-armed eyeball hopping around on a single cyborg leg.Read more at Xboxlast_img read more