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Anthony Romano is the leader Hoboken needs

first_imgDear Editor: The horrific terror attack that took place on Halloween in New York City taking the lives of so many innocent people, reminded me of last time terror was brought to our community. Back during Sept. 11 2001, terrorist cowards brought down the World Trade Center Towers. Many Hoboken residents on that day, gathered along the banks of the Hudson river and watched that terrible event transpire right in front of our eyes. Life as we knew it would change forever.Our community was directly impacted. We knew people who were in those buildings or we knew people who lost someone close. The smell from ground zero lingered in our streets. The consequences from that attack was apparent all over town. I felt helpless that day. I wanted to do something but I didn’t know what to do.Anthony Romano took the initiative days after that attack. He commissioned a boat to take him, some brave Hoboken Police Officers and some civilians over to ground zero and assist the other responders in any way they could.I was one of the civilians who was on the boat that day. As we approached ground zero, you felt the tension grow. The smell coming from ground zero was more pronounced as we got closer the shores. The smoke thicker. We heard the stories prior to our arrival about the devastation, but the reality of it was overwhelming. Two of the tallest buildings in the world were reduced to two piles of rubble. We were all humbled.But on that day, I witnessed Anthony Romano be a leader. I watched him coordinate efforts to assist all the first responders that were there. He led the brave Hoboken Police officers and civilians to the site where the World Trade Center once stood. He led us up onto those piles of rubble. We all participated in the bucket-brigade, moving buckets full of debris. Anthony wasn’t afraid. He didn’t run from that horrific event. He helped when people didn’t. He made a conscious effort to do something, while people did nothing. He and all the other brave men and women who volunteered put their lives at risk to help. That unselfish act shows the character of a person.In this time of uncertainty in which we live, I feel Hoboken needs a mayor who is a proven leader. We need a person who cares more about the community then political agendas. Anthony has been a leader on the Hoboken Police Force for over 25 years, a leader in our county, and a leader for our schools.In a time when most people just talk, he takes action. He listens to the people of our community. He has made a difference. He proved to me he can lead and that’s why I feel Anthony Romano would be a great mayor. He cares enough to go the extra mile.I felt a positive message about a man who shows courage, leadership and compassion was a story worth telling. John Francolast_img read more