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HACCP data in hand

first_imgFrom January 2006 bakers were required to keep permanent HACCP records under a new EU directive. To help companies achieve this, Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI) (stand B530) says it has developed a cost-effective system that is user-friendly and doesn’t sacrifice quality or accuracy.The system records temperature readings, dates and times, plus notes, using a temperature probe connected to a handheld computer, also know as a personal digital assistant (PDA), such as Palm OS or Windows Mobile. ETI’s Thermapalm HACCP software or Thermadata logger software compiles and manages the HACCP procedures.The company can supply the PDA, probe and software as a package, or as individual items.last_img read more


first_imgNewsmith Stainless (stand A470) will have four machines on show: two divider-rounders from the Oddy range and two washing machines for companies with smaller requirements or limited space. The Novatek 428 and Novatek 2 divider rounders are part of a range covering requirements from those of the craft baker, with the two-pocket model making 6,000 pieces an hour to those of the plant baker, with the eight-pocket model producing up to 24,000 pieces an hour.The Silver series S1 is a conveyorised machine for washing trays, baskets and containers in a continuous process. The Double 80 is a cabinet-type machine, into which the user loads baskets, trays, cooking utensils and containers. Once the doors are closed, the items undergo a programmed wash and rinse sequence.Newsmith also supplies provers, moulding tables, panners and cross conveyors.last_img read more

Fill up with versatile mixes

first_imgADM Milling’s (Brentwood, Essex) Bun Mix and Bun & Doughnut Mix and Concentrate are said to produce a variety of doughnut and bun styles, offering good texture and flavour. The company also offers Classic American Style Donut Pre-mix and Concentrate, which produces US-style donuts with a golden colour, excellent flavour profile and good keeping qualities, says ADM.In addition, the Bakers Mixes range offers complementary products for filling and topping doughnuts, including Confectioners Custard, Chocolate Fudge Icing and Creme Patisserie.ADM Milling is running a promotion on Bun & Doughnut Mix and Concentrate and Bun Mix until the end of April. Bakers get a free bag of mix for every 12 they buy. Go to for more information.last_img read more

Passion play

first_imgItalians take their bread seriously. Along with pasta, bread remains a fundamental staple of the Italian diet. I do not recall having once sat down at an Italian dinner table and not been offered bread of some description. The variety of bread available is staggering, matched by the fact that every region, indeed every province, has its own specialities and style. But bread is more than just a product in Italy. It is an intrinsic part of Italian culture.Traditionally, across Italy, the trip to the bakery, along with the grocer and the butcher was a daily ritual for people living in provincial towns. With the advent of supermarkets and changes in contemporary lifestyles, independent bakeries are being forced to adapt to compete. In a short period of time, bakeries across Italy are reinventing themselves. Today, the artisan bakery represents more than simply a place to buy bread; it has become a communal hub.STEEPED IN HISTORYThis trend is no better exemplified than at La Casa del Pane, a small independent bakery in the provincial town of Castell’Arquato in the region of Emilia Romagna. La Casa del Pane is steeped in bread history. With a river flowing under the building, it originally housed a flour mill. In 2000, the building was rescued from its derelict state by the current proprietor who, in a fashion, returned it to its roots by establishing a bakery.In just seven years, La Casa del Pane has established a considerable reputation for the quality of its bread and other products – so much so, that customers travel from as far as Milan, 75km away, just to purchase its bread. For Francesco Filograsso, head baker at La Casa del Pane, the secret of the shop’s success is simple – “passion”.”Whatever you sell, it has got to be the best product you can make,” says Filograsso. “But you also need to have a consistent product. A product that is made the same way each day, not one that is like this today and like that tomorrow. It’s got to be consistent. You know, it can take a lifetime to gain your clients… but only a moment to lose them.”Manuela Casalini, front-of-house manager, is more pragmatic. For her, the key to success is twofold: variety and quality. Both are evidently in abundance at La Casa del Pane. Initially offering just a few signature breads, the shop has gradually expanded its range to over two dozen types of bread including Bocconcini, focacce, ciabatta, potato bread, a natural yeast bread, mixed cereals, wholemeal, rye breads and so on, in all different shapes and sizes. “We are constantly introducing new products,” explains Manuela. “Demand is almost always initially high. People want to try new things. The real test is whether it remains so. If, after a month, sales are still high, it becomes part of our permanent range.”CAFE EXPANSIONThe owners have gone to great lengths to adapt to today’s market. What started as an artisan bakery has, in recent years, been transformed. Two years ago, the owners expanded the café to provide a seating area. “Many of our customers would come in here in the morning, buy bread and then walk down to the piazza to have coffee and maybe a brioche,” says Casalini. “Now they don’t have to.” The flow of customers is steady. Both locals and tourists stop, whether it’s for a breakfast brioche with cappuccino, a light lunch of pizza or freshly-baked ciabatta sandwiches, or just to sample some of the shop’s patisserie with their mid-morning espresso.In addition to the extensive range of breads, the shop produces seasonal specialities, such as Pandoro, Pannetone and Colomba, individually crafted Easter eggs and year-round regional specialities such as Sbrisolona, a mixed nut-based crumble cake, Sicilian cannoli and their signature sweet biscuit, Ciottoli di Castello Arquato (castle pebbles), a meringue-and-hazelnut based biscuit. Weekend specialities also include a delicious fruit loaf, crisp mini-focacce, topped with fresh tomato and olives and savoury ham-and-cheese stuffed scones.Filograsso knows bread. He should do, as he has been baking it all his life. His “passion”, he says, was “born through need”. From a small town in Puglia, in the south of Italy, his mother sent him north to Milan at the age of 12 to find work. He found a job in a bakery and worked seven days a week for “three meals and a bed to sleep in each day”.Few other professions, at the time, he explains, offered this ’all in’ solution. But one finds it hard to imagine that it was just by coincidence that Filograsso arrived at his chosen profession. The eldest of six children, all of his brothers and sisters now work in the bakery trade. In fact, his great-grandfather was a baker, he recalls, so there “must be something in the blood”.early riserFor 50-something Filograsso, a typical day begins at 3am. He lives with his family above the shop, so the commute to work doesn’t pose much of a problem. He starts with the brioches – eight different varieties in all – as the first customers begin arriving as early as 6am. Then there’s the bread, first wholemeal and cereal mixes, then rolls and, finally, the larger loaves.From this point, the day can take a variety of twists, depending on the day and the season. Filograsso works to demand. The weekend is naturally the busiest period. Castell’Arquato is a popular tourist attraction for day trippers from Milan and surrounding towns. “It’s difficult to say how much to make each day,” he explains. “For example, we make Colombas at Easter. I can’t tell you how many I make. It’s based on demand. We don’t just make a certain amount and say, ’That’s it, we’re not making any more’. Times have changed. We follow the customer.”Filograsso isn’t just a baker. He is also an accomplished patissier and chocolatier, having acquired his considerable skills in bakeries across Italy over the past four decades. “There are many people who have taught me,” he says, “many elderly people with a certain amount of experience. But you’ve got to adapt what you’ve learned and that can only come from passion. I believe that without this passion, you’ll never be a great baker.” The diversity of products on offer at the Casa del Pane is testament to Filograsso’s passion and talent. Along with two assistant bakers, all of the products offered at the bakery are made in-house.Filograsso’s real passion is for baking bread and he is quite philosophical about his work. “For me, making bread is more difficult because you need to understand it. You need to feel it. If one day it’s hot, if one day it’s cold, things change. You may need to add a bit more yeast one day, leave it to rise more, or leave it to rise less, knead it more one day and less the other, hot water, cold water – you get my point? It’s a game and it’s a game I still love to play.” n[]—-=== Recipe for Bocconcini ===Franco rarely reveals the secrets of his great breads. Indeed, even the owners of La Casa del Pane have been cajoling him for years to divulge his recipes. I’m not sure if it was my Irish-Italian charm or that, after three days of questions, he just wanted to get rid of me, but he finally conceded and offered the following recipe for Bocconcini, the shop’s number one seller.IngredientsFlour ’0’ 25kgFlour ’00’ 25kgFresh yeast 300gWater 35 litresMalt 250gSalt 1kgTo make the pasta madre (biga starter), mix 17.5kg of ’0’ flour and 17.5kg of ’00’ flour with 17.5 litres of water and the fresh yeast. Leave this mixture to rise for 12-14 hours. Then add the remainder of the flour, water, malt and salt. Mix for at least 15 minutes in an electric bread kneader. Leave the bread to rise for approximately 1 hour. After it has risen, shape the bread into little rounds and leave to rise again for approximately 20 minutes. Bake the rolls at 260?C for 20 minutes.last_img read more

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it…”

first_imgContinuing our rock ’n’ roll-meets-bakery theme of recent issues, Louise Niles of Thomas Danby College was presented with the the Sharon Foster Award by the Kaiser Chiefs last month.This was for her special contribution to attracting 14- to 16-year-olds to the baking industry by forging links with schools and employers – very fitting seeing as the Kaisers’ first album was called Employment.last_img

Wheat imports to remain high

first_imgThe patchy quality of this year’s UK wheat harvest will force British millers to con- tinue importing higher-than- usual amounts of bread-making wheat.According to Alex Waugh, director of the National Association of British and Irish Millers, the amount of grain imported from North America and Europe is expected to exceed 1m tonnes in 2008/09 – higher than the usual 900,000 tonnes.”Last year, imports from North America were up because of the very steep increase in European prices, which for a time caused a change in normal price relationships,” he said. “We expect imports to remain relatively high this year, because of quality issues relating to the UK harvest.”Wheat prices are expected to remain steady, he added. “Grain markets seem unlikely to fall much further, but we are not expecting big price rises over the next few months either,” he said.A tonne of bread-making wheat delivered to Liverpool is currently valued at around £160, down from around £190 this time last year.last_img read more

British Baker makes Twitter debut

first_imgBritish Baker is now on Twitter – the real-time social networking and micro-blogging website that allows people or companies to update their ‘followers’ on their latest news.Twitter has taken the internet by storm and is now being used by bakers as a method of communication with their customers.Among those posting their latest updates are Greggs, Cooplands of Doncaster and Hummingbird Bakery in London. Companies can sign up and create a profile on the website, including information about the business, and can post short updates on what they’re up to – of 140 characters or less.Albion cafe and bakery in Shoreditch, London has taken things one step further by installing the latest techno gadget – BakerTweet – which allows the bakery to send a Twitter alert to any of the cafe’s ‘followers’ on the website, whenever new products come out of the oven. BakerTweet is a gadget connected to the internet which sends a message out at the push of a button, whenever a product is ready, and different messages can be set up for the various products.It was produced by Poke, a digital creative agency based across the road from the Albion Cafe, which wanted a way for for its employees to, as they said, ‘perhaps selfishly’, get the freshest products first. The company soon realised its potential and is promoting it to bakers across the country.Follow British Baker on Twitter at read more

Bakery with a kick

first_imgIt is the classic adage of every drug dealer to ’never get high on your own supply’ one which the management of America’s first ever ’caffeine bakery’ would be well-advised to issue to their bleary-eyed staff at the start of a 3am shift.The year-old bakery, named A Snack in the Face, was originally targeted at students in Iowa, but is planning to go national with its caffeinated brownies, cookies and truffles, by expanding into manufacturing premises. Created for people who hate coffee but love caffeine, the bakers had to jump a number of hurdles to come up with something edible. Originally, the plan was to mix caffeine powder with water, but powdered caffeine does not dissolve in water and tastes like battery acid, crushed aspirin or varnish remover.So how much caffeine can you get into a brownie and keep it palatable? Apparently, 400 milligrams, the equivalent of your average coffee chain brew, tasted grim and so they settled on 200mg, masked by sugar. “It’s exactly what grandma used to bake,” explains its unconvincing creator Allison Nelson. “We’re not wrapping up caffeine in a health bar here. We’re wrapping it up in a home-baked treat. Isn’t it about time you have caffeine and it tastes good?” Frankly no, given the buckets of tea and coffee Stop the Week already puts away in an average day.last_img read more

Saint-Tropez firm turns eyes to UK

first_imgFrench firm La Tarte Tropézienne is looking to bring its products to the UK, as it looks to expand outside France following the construction of a new 2,000sq m facility.Based in Saint-Tropez, where the tarte tropézienne is a specia-lity, the firm was established in 1955, and has a current turnover of E15m. With the new factory, the firm is looking to export its products across Europe, including the UK, Dina Lapierre, told British Baker at the recent Sirha exhibition in Lyon.The cake product is made using a creamed brioche recipe, inspired by the founder Alexandre Micka’s grandmother, filled with sweet tropézian cream, and topped with crunchy sugar bits. The firm has also just launched mini macaron-sized versions of the product to cater for the trend for smaller portions.last_img read more

M&S tries out new ISB concept

first_imgSixteen Marks & Spencer (M&S) stores are to benefit from new-style in-store bakeries (ISBs), as part of a £600m plan by chief executive Mark Bolland to revamp its stores, as the retailer aims to “catch up” with its competition.The first new-look store opened on Kensington High Street, London last week. ‘The Bakery’ had been overhauled, and featured speciality breads displayed in rustic wicker baskets and wooden trays. Chalk boards have also been used to promote the fresh products.Nayna McIntosh, director of store marketing and design at M&S, said the retailer wanted it to have “the look and feel of a small artisan bakery”. It has also revamped its bread and sweet bakery ranges, with 35 new lines, including German-style rye bread, San Francisco-style sourdough, and Melting Middle Muffins. An M&S spokesperson said the initiative was very much at a trial stage, and that each new-style ISB would be in a slightly different format. “We want to take a step towards more speciality foods. We’ve got bakers in the store, making bread on-site from raw ingredients,” she added.Planet Retail analyst David Gray said M&S was essentially “playing catch-up” with a lot of its competition. He said: “If you look at M&S’ food range, you tend to find a strong focus on pre-prepared foods and ready meals, which doesn’t cater for the trend of people choosing to cook or bake more from scratch.”Tom Molnar, chief executive of Bread, which supplies its artisan retail outlets Gail’s, agreed that the retailer is following a trend established by other bakeries. “But it’s a positive trend for bakers overall, and it shows people are really interested in fresh bread.” However, he questioned whether the aesthetics would be backed up by the quality of ingredients and the skills utilised by artisan bakers.Hobbs House Bakery’s retail director Sam Wells said it was an interesting move by the retailer, and that his bakery would be keeping an eye on it. The new ISBs will open in Sheffield, Bromley, Carlisle, Edinburgh, Leeds, Kings Road, Beckenham, Exeter, Tamworth, Edgware Road, Bishops Stortford, Handforth Dean, Wimbledon, Pantheon, Kensington and Stratford.last_img read more

Roberts Bakery raises funds for cancer charity

first_imgRoberts Bakery hosted its first charity ball on Saturday (24 September), in aid of The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal, and raised more than £21,000 for the cause.Broadcaster Gordon Burns was among the 250 guests at the charity ball, with TV and radio presenter Michelle Eagleton acting as compere for the evening.It was held at Cranage Hall in Holmes Chapel, and included dinner, dancing and live entertainment from singer Cole Page.A silent auction raised £15,000, with prizes including a cricket bat signed by Kevin Pieterson, and a five-day cruise around Croatia on board the luxury yacht Mystique.Roberts also made special heart-shaped chocolate biscuits especially for the ball.last_img read more

Mary Portas seeks indie shops for new C4 series

first_imgMary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas is on the look-out for another independent retailer to help in a brand new series for Channel 4.The production company Optomen is looking to speak to people who run independent shops that are struggling to survive or expand, whether it be a bakery or a bookshop.The successful applicant would receive advice and guidance from Portas, whose report on recommending ways to help save the British high street, commissioned by the government, was published last month.If you own a struggling business and would like to find out more, or want to apply please email [email protected] or call 0203 227 5896.last_img read more

City of South Bend to award emergency grants, host virtual Emergency Assistance Fair

first_img Pinterest Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Facebook Facebook Previous articleThieves break into gun store in StevensvilleNext articleMichigan now testing those with mild symptoms for COVID-19 Brooklyne Beatty WhatsApp CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Marketcenter_img (Photo Supplied/City of South Bend) The City of South Bend is awarding emergency grants, and hosting an assistance fair, to help local small businesses impacted by the ongoing pandemic.The grants, totaling $600,000, are being awarded to a pair of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to provide small business loans to local firms.The two CDFIs, Bankable and Accion Serving Illinois and Indiana, both have long track records of lending to under-resourced borrowers.South Bend is also set to host an Emergency Assistance Fair for small businesses to learn more about emergency loans and other available COVID-19 relief.The fair is scheduled for Friday, April 17 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. It will be hosted virtually; attendees can view general information during the first 30 minutes of the event, then enter as many small group discussions as they’d like.You can join the event beginning at 10:30 a.m. Friday by clicking here.Following the informational session, small group discussions with providers will be held from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., with links to each provider’s sessions below:1st SourceAccionBankableCentierNDFCUPNCWoodforest By Brooklyne Beatty – April 15, 2020 0 351 Google+ City of South Bend to award emergency grants, host virtual Emergency Assistance Fair TAGSApril 17Emergency Assistance FairFridaygrantssmall businessSouth Bendvirtual Google+ Twitterlast_img read more

Air Force flyover salute comes to Northern Indiana Tuesday

first_img Twitter Air Force flyover salute comes to Northern Indiana Tuesday Pinterest WhatsApp WhatsApp Google+ Google+ By Tommie Lee – May 4, 2020 0 521 122nd Fighter Wing, USAF The Air Force Salutes flyovers are coming to Northern Indiana Tuesday.Jets from the 122nd Fighter Wing, based in Ft. Wayne, will fly over downtown areas of several cities to say thanks to those working the front lines of the pandemic.In our area they will fly over Michigan City at 5:56 p.m.; South Bend at 6:02 p.m.; Plymouth at 6:07 p.m.; and Warsaw at 6:12 p.m. Facebook Pinterest Facebook Previous articleSouth Bend’s mayor extends non-essential travel advisoryNext articleSt. Joseph County Police won’t enforce county’s face mask, hand sanitizer orders Tommie Lee IndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Twitterlast_img read more

News story: Martyn Worsley Appointed to Board of UK Sport

first_imgMartyn WorsleyMartyn grew up in the West Midlands and was educated at The Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoat School before going to the University of Southampton where he gained a BSc Hons in Geography. He started off his career in 1997 as a graduate trainee at Lloyds TSB before spending time in a variety of organisations including BT Group, BNY Mellon and SAB Miller undertaking Business and Human Resource roles globally until he joined Tate & Lyle as Vice President for Global Talent and Organisational Development in January 2017. Martyn is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.Martyn has had a life-long passion for both playing and being involved in sport including latterly coaching the Rugby Football Union for Women’s (RFUW) Academy for 5 years before being a non- Executive Director of the RFUW supporting the integration of the Women’s game into the Rugby Football Union. Martyn has completed the Trans-Atlantic Yacht Race, the London Marathon and undertaken multiple overseas expeditions whilst also being a Trustee for the London Youth Games. His other hobbies include skiing, shooting, sailing and spending time with his young family.The role is remunerated at £218 per day. This appointment has been made in accordance with the Cabinet Office’s Governance Code on Public Appointments. The appointments process is regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. Under the Code, any significant political activity undertaken by an appointee in the last five years must be declared. This is defined as including holding office, public speaking, making a recordable donation, or candidature for election. Martyn has declared no such political activity.last_img read more

Press release: Tech sector backs British AI industry with multi million pound investment

first_imgMore than 50 leading technology companies and organisations have contributed to the development of an AI deal worth almost £1 billion, including almost £300m of private sector investment into UK sector 1,000 new government funded AI PhDs will keep the UK at the forefront of innovation and build UK status as AI research hotspot Organisations in Wales actively embracing AI in what they do include IQE, MedaPhor, Amplyfi and Artimus Top-ranking Vancouver-based venture capital firm Chrysalix, is also going to establish a European HQ in the UK and use it to invest up to £110 million in AI and robotics Notes to editors: AI holds transformative implications for every aspect of our lives and every sector of the economy. The economic prize is clear: potentially adding 10% to UK GDP by 2030 if adoption is widespread (PWC), and a productivity boost of up to 30% (Bank of America). The Industrial Strategy, published in 2017 , following the independent review of AI in the UK in 2017, ‘Growing the Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK’, commits to the Grand Challenge of putting the UK at the forefront of the AI and data revolution, helping sectors boost their productivity through new technologies, helping people develop the skills they need and leading the world in the safe, ethical use of data. The Sector Deal is the first major initiative under the grand challenge, that outlined proposals for how government could work with industry to stay ahead of the competition and grow the UK’s use of AI right across the economy in a safe and ethical way, for the benefit of all in society. The interim Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation will start work on key issues straight away and its findings will be used to inform the final design and work programme of the permanent Centre, which will be established on a statutory footing in due course. A public consultation on the permanent Centre will be launched soon. We are announcing new challenges where we will work with industry to develop innovative uses of AI and advanced analytic technologies through the£1.7 billion Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. These include ‘Next-Generation Services’ , ‘Early Diagnostics and Precision Medicine’, and ‘Transforming Food Production’. IQE, a specialist in semiconductors, is investing £38m alongside Cardiff University to develop a new state-of-the-art facility that will manufacture components used in AI applications. More than 50 leading businesses and organisations have contributed to the development of a £1 billion deal to put the nation at the forefront of the artificial intelligence industry, featuring almost £300 million of new private sector investment.The deal between the UK Government and industry, announced by Business Secretary Greg Clark and Digital Secretary Matt Hancock today (Thursday 26 April 2018), also includes more than £300 million of newly allocated government funding for AI research to make the UK a global leader in this technology.Building on the commitment made in the Industrial Strategy and its AI Grand Challenge, the deal marks the first phase of a major innovation-focused investment drive in AI which aims to help the UK seize the £232 billion opportunity AI offers the UK economy by 2030 (10 per cent of GDP).The Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal follows record levels of investments into UK tech in 2017 and today’s deal includes new investments such as: The University of Cambridge opening a new £10 million AI supercomputer and making its infrastructure available to businesses Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said: Wales is already embracing the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence to revolutionise many different areas of work, including the medical and semiconductor sectors. Today’s deal will mean even closer cooperation between UK Government and industry in Wales, creating jobs in new fields and building a stronger, more resilient economy. Antony Walker, deputy CEO, techUK said: The UK has an impressive track-record on AI. But we must keep pace and scale of innovation continues to accelerate, we need to ensure that the UK stays at the forefront in the development and application of these powerful new technologies. The Government’s AI Sector Deal provides a clear blueprint for how the UK can become a world-leader in innovative, responsible and ethical AI. The sector deal focuses on the key issues of maintaining leadership and driving uptake, building the skills pipeline and ethics. Success will depend upon AI companies being deeply engaged in the process. The new sector deal is the focal point of the government’s Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge, a key part of the government’s modern Industrial Strategy which sets out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK. The AI Grand Challenge aims to put the UK at the forefront of the AI and data revolution ensuring the vast social and economic benefits of this technology are felt in every corner of Britain.The Industrial Strategy set out four Grand Challenges to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future. AI and Data is one of these and this sector deal provides the blueprint for delivery.Dame Wendy Hall said: It is very exciting to see the recommendations in the AI Review turned into reality through this bold and ambitious Sector Deal for AI. We are at a pivotal point in the application of AI across many different sectors of industry and I truly believe the U.K. can take a leadership role in developing the use of AI in industry in a safe and ethical way that will be of benefit to everyone. Amplyfi is an artificial intelligence start-up that wants to transform the business intelligence industry. Its DataVoyant software platform harvests and reads data that is both publicly available online and from the deep web — the parts of the internet that are not indexed by standard search engines. The technology enables clients to spot potential disruptions to their businesses, whether a war, a market shift, or a new technology. Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark said: Artificial intelligence provides limitless opportunities to develop new, efficient and accessible products and services which transform the way we live and work. Today’s new deal with industry will ensure we have the right investment, infrastructure and highly-skilled workforce to establish the UK as a driving force in the development and commercial use of artificial intelligence technologies. As with all innovation there is also the potential for misuse which puts the whole sector under scrutiny and undermines public confidence. That is why we are establishing a new world-leading body, to ensure the ethical use of data in AI applications for the benefit of all. AI in WalesThe AI sector deal will not only support new adopters of AI, it will help the Wales’ trailblazing companies who are already embracing this tech and using it to create clusters of expertise, high-skill jobs and investing in developing this technology.Companies and bodies in Wales actively embracing AI in what they do include: The Alan Turing Institute and Rolls-Royce will jointly-run research projects exploring: how data science can be applied at scale, the application of AI across supply chains, data-centric engineering and predictive maintenance, and the role of data analytics and AI in science. The AI sector deal will make Britain the go to place for AI and make sure this technology is used as a force for good to benefit people, from government’s investment in early diagnostics and precision medicines projects that will use AI to help diagnose chronic illnesses, to a commitment to establishing Data Trusts between government, industry and academia to ensure data sharing is safe and secure.To better understand the ethical and security implications of data sharing and privacy breaches, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is investing £11 million in eleven new research projects, led by universities, to analyse the important challenges for people and businesses that use data and those that allow access to their data. They have also committed to make £300 million available in support for new research projects to complement the new Centres for Doctoral Training.Neil Crockett, Chief Digital Officer, Rolls-Royce, said: At Rolls-Royce, we believe that AI is central to unleashing huge value for our customers and from within our own business, and in achieving our goal of pioneering the power that matters. This MoU signals an exciting new phase in Rolls-Royce’s relationship with The Alan Turing Institute. We believe this collaboration will further strengthen Rolls-Royce’s reputation as a world-leading adopter of AI technologies in an industrial context. At the same time, it will support the institute’s position, and thus the UK’s position, as a global centre of excellence for data science and AI. Artimus in Cardiff provides artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions using expertise from a broad range of disciplines including engineering. Gerard Grech, CEO Tech Nation, said: One of the biggest changes the UK faces over the next 10 years is technological and the development of Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of it. The UK needs to embrace it and shape it. As a recognised global centre of AI expertise with companies like DeepMind, Improbable and 5AI, the UK is in a great position, and by building strong networks of shared knowledge and expertise, we can make it even stronger. Tech Nation cannot wait to get started on shaping its first programme for the UK’s fastest-growing AI companies next year, which will help those who have proven their potential to reach the next level. Marc Waters, Managing Director (UK & Ireland), Hewlett Packard Enterprise said: Artificial intelligence presents a significant opportunity to create competitive advantage for the UK economy with benefits for companies, workers and consumers. The opportunity exists not only to harness the power of AI for innovation and scientific discovery but to improve productivity and provide economic growth. However, many UK enterprises are still struggling to find viable use cases for their business and take tangible, near-term steps toward making these a reality. To help fill this gap, HPE is investing in and providing these organisations with the specialised AI expertise and supercomputing infrastructure needed to support AI applications. Professor Michael Denham, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Mindtrace Ltd said: Just as computing technology has served us well by allowing us to make complex computations which are far beyond human capabilities, AI technology will increasingly support us in our ability to make complex and timely decisions, in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, security, and many other areas, with super-human levels of accuracy, speed and efficiency, enhancing our lives in ways which we are only beginning to understand. Hugh Milward, Senior Director, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK, said: The UK is poised to do great things in the field of AI. If the Sector Deal can ensure that the development of AI is ethical, inclusive and responsible then the UK, as the home of the father of AI Alan Turing, will have a bright future as a world leading centre for AI. MedaPhor, based within Cardiff University, develops advanced hi-fidelity ultrasound simulators, artificial intelligence image analysis software and augmented reality needle guidance systems for medical practitioners. Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain opening its first European HQ in the UK and investing £35 million in UK deep-tech start-ups Developing AI SkillsThe deal will help establish the UK as a research hotspot, with measures to ensure the innovators and tech entrepreneurs of tomorrow are based in the UK, with investment in the high-level post-graduate skills needed to capitalise on technology’s huge potential.It includes money for training for 8,000 specialist computer science teachers, 1,000 government-funded AI PhDs by 2025 and a commitment to develop a prestigious global Turing Fellowship programme to attract and retain the best research talent in AI to the UK.This will make sure every secondary school has a fully qualified computer science GCSE teacher to give the next generation the skills they need to develop and capitalise on future technology. As part of the deal, the accountancy firm Sage have also committed to delivering an AI pilot programme for 150 young people across the UK.Regional Tech HubsThe government will build on its reputation as an international hub for AI innovation and provide £20 million of funding to help the UK’s service industries, including law and insurance, with new pilot projects to identify how AI can transform and enhance their operations.The government has also pledged £21 million of funding to create Tech Nation, a new UK-wide organisation working across the country to create a high-growth tech network for ambitious entrepreneurs. One of Tech Nation’s new goals will be to establish an internationally-respected programme for mid-stage AI companies to help bring them to scale.World’s first Centre for Data EthicsThe deal highlights government work to ensure all AI developments in Britain are conducted to the highest ethical standards by establishing a world-leading Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation.The £9 million Centre will be an important part of plans to make the UK the best place in the world for businesses developing AI to grow and thrive. It will address the challenges posed by the adoption of AI and advise on the measures needed to enable and ensure safe, ethical and innovative uses of data-driven technologies, while helping protect consumers.Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock said: The UK must be at the forefront of emerging technologies, pushing boundaries and harnessing innovation to change people’s lives for the better. Artificial Intelligence is at the centre of our plans to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a digital business. We have a great track record and are home to some of the world’s biggest names in AI like Deepmind, Swiftkey and Babylon, but there is so much more we can do. By boosting AI skills and data driven technologies we will make sure that we continue to build a Britain that is shaping the future. The Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Robert Jenrick said: Artificial intelligence will enable us to work smarter, boost our productivity and make the country richer. From search engines to self-driving cars, this technology will be at the heart of our new economy. That’s why we continue to back our AI innovators in order to cement the UK’s position as a world-leader in this cutting-edge technology. Additional quotes:Nicholas Sleep, Chief Technology Officer of Medaphor Group in Cardiff said: We’re trying to translate technology for the benefit of doctors. We use artificial intelligence to make ultrasound scanning easier for clinicians; making machines smarter to speed up scanning, and to aid clinicians in their decision making. The Government is absolutely right to be prioritising this technology, and putting Britain at the forefront of applying this technology in the medical sector, where it will make a big difference in improving safety and reducing the cost of healthcare. ENDSlast_img read more