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How to promote your website to share

JournalThe name of the original

by watching other related articles and then analyzed with.

we need to choose a topic, then fell in love with the sea search, see the bottom of the search keywords to search, using a group of words into a sentence, write original articles. For example: we choose the topic today is to lose weight belt or thin belt, we fell in love with the sea search, and then look at the bottom of the search, we choose the slimming belt useful, slimming belt, vibration slimming belt, TV shopping slimming belt, electric slimming belt. Then for each word we write a few sentences, a sentence written just can write one hundred words together, make sentence with a title, original articles over 300 words come into being. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform open green channel to speed up the website included


in order to better serve the webmaster friends, open search and use the function of search tools, webmaster will see: Baiduspider grab cover up 30%; indexing speed is reduced by 50%, the new station is timely collection of resources.


logon love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, open the "search" we see: the webmaster tools to help create an exclusive website search. The webmaster can add site logo, association search domain, and more other custom configuration. The tool also provides statistical data, to help owners more information needs of users. read more