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Only play an auxiliary role promotion tools can not completely replace the Shanghai Dragon

Er now many Shanghai dragon love shortcuts to relax, not only do optimization, and can get good results at this time, many of my friends think of is to use the software to replace the Shanghai dragon; in Google optimization, friends to use the software to send the chain to get very good results, every month can also have a lot of orders, but also love Shanghai very much optimization software, only tried to know a friend, but Shanghai website construction feeling, the total effect to almost than Google to the operation and transition will let down the right site The loss outweighs the gain., even by the K. read more

Why in the stability of the website is gradually reduced

2, the same site, must not appear similar high title, after this upgrade included in the site, even if your content to write again good love Shanghai spiders are not recognized, it is a waste of the content of the website is constructed.

two, website title we can love Shanghai station search search tools and synchronous combination search, found a similar title then we modified. >

included in the site of good and bad, so as a webmaster how to avoid the problem of high similarity to

, from which we can get if you want included in the site is normal, then the same content similarity of a web site can not be too high, the website page similarity is too high will eventually be removed so as to reduce the love Shanghai, love Shanghai site in the position in the invisible, if a long time like this, the website also included it is bound to affect the ranking of the site, so that all the webmaster friends in the layout of the content on the website must pay attention: innovation content, discard the old thought. read more

Love Shanghai share back flow will be the future of the most important data to determine the site we

so we do share in the analysis of love Shanghai or simply look at the data how many times? I think more should see the back flow, because only flow share is the share of value. Return flow share can prove that you are a real user group web site, so the search engine will determine your site user groups have much greater weight, user groups, the audience more your site is higher. The search engine to judge the quality of a web site included in the weights given the future is the website user groups have much, now Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai love Shanghai share statistics and can be very accurate to collect these data. read more

love the mule explain how to edit website content

Related words written in


< B> < I> < U> such as bold, italic, underline and other labels, such as some of the section header can bold, some references or explanatory text is in italics, thus allowing the user to better understand and browse articles, and this type of label often the article appeared in the search engine will think you more formal.


editor in Shanghai Longfeng in actually it is a science, and the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, content editing is not good, the user does not love, the future may directly affect Shanghai Longfeng effect is hard to say, not much to say, directly into the topic. read more

On the occupation career of their own medical industry optimization

The first site

do so long Shanghai Longfeng, everyone has their own opinion, since graduating from my first job is to release the word of mouth words, do the medical industry, a lot of people through word of mouth words long tail keywords should be covered with a snapshot of the first page of the long tail keywords, to pull into a point of the flow after all, the medical industry is the largest industry in the competition.

there is your main, my colleague made a mistake, is the blog of the original article, after also take these articles to various sites contribute, finally lead to love Shanghai that his blog is stolen, the station was K, because of the high weight site in the sea will be considered in this article he is unique to the original, you don’t even start your website weight, is also considered to copy others. read more

How to get the love of Shanghai top two competitors title page quickly

five, click on the second steps: collecting content rules on page content label definition frame delete other labels, leaving only the title tag, as shown below. Can put before the URL into the test bar test.

, open the locomotive software, choose a set of a new task, classification of information group I choose here.

two, click new, will pop up the following settings box, first of all to the task named "acquisition" of the title, and then click the Add button start.

three, click the Add button, the pop-up, batch / pages, then the address format input should be collected from the website address, suppose we want to get the "Shanghai dragon optimization" is the word love Shanghai the first two pages of the title of the competitor (below, it is unchanged) in Shanghai love the search box to search "Shanghai dragon optimization", and then copy the URL address bar love Shanghai, is due to the acquisition of multiple pages, so also need to join the wildcard, and we found love in front of Shanghai on the search results page page address is the same, is behind the pn=0, pn=10, pn=20…,… In a tolerance of 10 arithmetic so the first increase to 0, tolerance is set to 10, because we are the first 2 pages, so the number is 2, if you want to add more. Finally, click Add and complete. read more

How to find high quality Links to improve website weight

Count method of site weight increased

so how come I usually exchange the right Links it, first of all is to find the industry in the Links platform inside me, PR and other similar site data, then find the owners to discuss the general situation, and also love stationmaster industry similar website to exchange links, exchange after the success of further communication, each other can introduce some peers to exchange links, to improve website weight. Anyway, peer is the enemy, in order to have a good ranking in the search engine, you need to check the reverse link each other, finding the Links website backlinks from each other, increase the weight of the website, the above is purely personal wise remark of an experienced person. You can refer to the appropriate, more valuable advice. The station my last little show, Sogou 贵族宝贝sogouu贵族宝贝/ friends Links platform, this paper from the original starting A5 Sogou friends (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network, please keep the link information, thank you! read more

Hu Yibo how fast the chain explosion


is called a " the lost children of " the reader comments raised this issue, and in his blog published an article title to "chain of a website is really very important article named". A simple description of the importance of the chain on the site, Hu Yibo’s blog and mentioned in this article. He is such a description: " today, a half day visit other blogs, really learned a lot, and there is to see Hu Yibo’s blog, there are four articles, but his website is PR2, was surprised, he studied and found his chain number more than 1000. It can be seen that the influence of the chain number on the weight of the. " read more

Website optimization methods to improve the credibility of the website search engine

3 users, effect of residence time on site credibility

2, the snapshot can also explain the reliability of

4, the chain site’s credibility

of course, the more the chain, the chain of higher quality and better site credibility, the chain is equivalent to others to vote for you, of course, the more the more tickets you trust, the search engine trust, the chain should pay attention to methods, to avoid being found in the search engine with human intervention, the author of the article "do reference links to improve the website" this is the weight, the chain can improve website ranking, the key is to increase the credibility of the search engine on the web. read more

Love is not love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot decided the fate of the weight

really want to love Shanghai continue to update your website is very simple, mainly with high quality content and website content fresh, so you can achieve continuous love Shanghai update. When love Shanghai updated with new content in the confirmation of your website, Shanghai would love to your site to crawl. If your site is not to update the web site, the spider will appear 304 love Shanghai code.

each was collected web site, the spider will according to the updated not only check whether the site of new pages, and web spiders crawl frequency update at the same speed. read more

Taobao Shanghai Longfeng guest website optimization can not determine the sales

Shanghai dragon third optimization work is Links, to say the Links do quite a headache, especially Links stress Mendanghudui, most of the Taobao guest website are personal website, website to the PR value high is difficult to climb, and can’t have "marriage record" website and the most suitable for Links website is related to the content of website, Taobao guest website content related most is "a bitter enemy", most of the Taobao off site and their opponents "incompatible like water and fire, afraid to do a Links, users from their sites to the opponent’s website, this laosibuxiangwanglai the the practice of some occlusion, in reality is a Sino Vietnamese Street business is hot, homogeneous things can be subdivided, selling the same products to take In different ways, not only allows users to feel fresh, but also will improve the competitiveness of the website, individual website user adhesion degree will be higher. read more

Shanghai love of the original technical defect recognition needs to be improved

love Shanghai now has opened the original spark program, what is the original, is to begin to pay attention to web content, this is Google to go before the road; what is called spark plan, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, a good, content, we reprint is no problem, but need to be reproduced in respect of original content. This can encourage creators to produce more and better things, this is.

love Shanghai technical defects is certainly more, I said something that I personally think that the love of Shanghai technical defects, other defects to be all on, not nonsense, I personally believe that the love of Shanghai has the following 3 major technical defects of the Internet, the impact is far-reaching, hope the staff can see the love of Shanghai, to further improvement is the Internet users of Fu, fu. read more

Contribute promotion – how to get your article is recommended

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference


Finally, I wish you the

portal sites like the first point is the requirement of readability, and can be pushed on the home page to see whether the unique. Another Dennis friendly reminder, the title of the article needs to pay attention to it, like the two article Dan’s title is to be edited to change the stationmaster net, there should be written propaganda can not work with such units.

now Shanghai dragon industry many articles, most of them are some people speak bad things, but also indicated in the column for the Web: currently considering the quality and content of Shanghai dragon in the nature of the content are too many, readability is not strong, so do not accept this kind of user application and opening. If the user submitted the quality that is readable or were in accordance with the recommended standard, also can contact the audit staff, the appraisal standard to determine whether to open. This is why many authors estimate articles in the A5 forum, stand in a row, a push BBS has not been widely sought after because stationmaster net, Admin5 portal website promotion. read more

Abandon the chain thought the old look outside the chain of the most fashionable do

is a variation of the chain from quantity to quality, the author of this special deep feeling a little, when two or three years ago, the chain group especially useful. What blog forum message machine, special effects. Because the search engine algorithm is not advanced, can only be used as a standard to judge the number of. This feature is associated with the presence of the failure of the click principle slowly (for the love of Shanghai), and now the search engine algorithm is stronger, if you mass outside the chain, the search engine first included you, then judge the quality, this requires time and data. Before one of the biggest features of the chain is the number of old ideas, but now the chain is not so simple, let’s take a look at the (now the most fashionable fashion refers to with the times) the chain should be how to do. read more

4.25 love Shanghai chain Shanghai dragon Er latest judgment update strategy

loves Shanghai and updated, and a number of owners has fallen! I should say when the last update down, where I’m going? I went to Taobao to study, but I have been looking forward to love Shanghai to stabilize. So, also changes in sustained attention to love Shanghai, love Shanghai, this gives a more detailed chain guide, I guess after this update, the follow-up should not be like 2012, so frequently updated. This update is more in order to allow owners to provide high quality articles, can really help to users. At the same time in order to avoid a lot of garbage outside the chain on the internet. Of course, one should be to promote Shanghai love their fee business. read more

Site optimization methods and steps

the other way of website optimization

The enterprise website promotion platform

2, in addition to the link, the title for the station optimization market will be used, the title text contains the search text structure changes as the key words, but a title but not too close, can be a simple formula that contains a description structure keyword to the website according to the keywords, and then determine the title don’t change.

now this network can make use of the space is more, after the site internal adjustment of the end, these external promotion platform could use a search engine, space is the first available resources used in the space domain can use selected keywords. read more