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The spark plan after the implementation, how to increase the number included love Shanghai

by the author in recent days of Web log, found that the spider crawling is not reduced, just crawl page are mostly long before the page, and not included, recently updated website articles not included crawling. In order to guide the spider crawling, the solution is: will the recent URL and the daily updated by a single URL love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit channel submitted to love Shanghai.

now love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the original website, June 20th love Shanghai original spark program launched, is one of the most original owners of the gospel, is also pseudo original or directly copy the article webmaster nightmare, I also send the plan to apply to participate in the mail, then talk about the recent love is how to recover the number included in Shanghai included after the fall. read more

Three of the limitations of current domestic interpretation of the rebate network in the development

profit margins further reduced

in the domestic electricity supplier tide, rebate network can be said to have also developed rash and too much in haste. Although no rebate network business tycoon, Tmall, Jingdong, the Soviet Union and the United States and other generous marketing mode, there is no twin brother group purchase attractive price, but from the 06 years of the first batch of the rebate network in the domestic rise, profits and achieve the steady development of the rebate network step by step. But the development must have certain limitations, the current model is the rebate network is facing many problems. These problems are not solved in time, will cause influence on the development of the rebate network, the author will analysis the limitations of the three paodingjieniu. read more

Conversion from cancellation and recovery official website program of the forum to talk about the wi

two, the original forum link redirection, let you not find a quiz page, but there were two problems: one is to redirect 302 instead of 301; two is the original all forum page all redirect to the question answering system home page, not the content page is redirected to the questions and answers the new page, which many find the answer from the search engine users still can not find the answer, see Figure 1 and figure two, data from the HTTP Webmaster Tools query, and site forum domain name, found by Baidu forum page disappeared, noble baby still. read more

Check the weight of too much love Shanghai website the letter which we

should now to tell you so many webmaster tools we should believe which tool the weight of this concept is love love Shanghai station first proposed, as seemingly authoritative. Chinaz is the most famous webmaster tools. Bole webmaster tools is the bright younger generation, in the face of this situation we should listen to the who. In fact, do Shanghai Longfeng veterans who are very aware that it is not love Shanghai’s credibility, there is no guarantee. That love can only deceive Shanghai weight portal Shanghai dragon er. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng master alone love Shanghai weight this official things, even Google PR value is not the letter. read more

Pigs like teammates say no how should an entrepreneur form a teamPersonal Adsense Success Road, expa

withdraw troops in a hurry!

group purchase website to seize the user online shopping cheap psychology, this is far from enough, if online shopping and cheap into sign, so e-commerce is meaningless, Internet real e-commerce, is to establish a business channel, instead of selling cheap goods flea market! Group purchase website is also flawed, for example a chain of restaurants, participate in group purchase, developed in the mobile Internet today, a user has come to this restaurant, if he is a "group purchase control", asked whether the restaurant service what to do? If you have entered the store and then open the mobile phone purchase group purchase coupons, this it is not only unfair to other users did not participate in group purchase, and restaurants in intangible loss of the turnover of read more

How to quickly restore the original web site in the search engine ranking

algorithm is adjusted to provide a better user experience for users to search engine optimization, but also on some sites suspected of cheating shuffling process. The best content is displayed to the user, as a search engine should shoulder the social responsibility, banned illegal sites is also very necessary, regular website victimizes may not avoid some time. If the regular site is down right, the original ranking lost to sit the following can sit fast recovery.

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day to observe the search engine algorithm, there is often a small update and large algorithm adjustment, is a great impact on many web sites. Light is website ranking disappear, while the whole station to be plucked. The training of the hard site lost the original ranking after the old traffic ceased to exist. As the Shanghai dragon Er should not only can make a website can quickly ranked activities also need to solve problems quickly when problems arise. When punishment and adjustment algorithm to quickly recover web site in the search engine rankings. read more

Fix the chain easy to use insect insect Marketing Assistant

With the best website keywords website

blog will attach great importance to the quality rather than the number of your blog should be within your range of experience, do not blindly seek more and more, there is no way to deal with.

webmaster friends all know, the chain for the website weight and ranking is very large. If the site outside the chain is very extensive, it not only can easily increase the weight and ranking website, and can make a number of website search engine website was greatly increased. Then the new friends such as the use of insect insect Marketing Assistant to the construction of the chain? Let Chong tell you read more

Duplicate content how to influence the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization

When a

page references to other web content, some content will inevitably repeat on the page.

not punishment is not equal to love. The search engine doesn’t love "duplicate content. The reason is: the search engine that Query Deserves Diversity (QDD), should give a user search results of SERP diversity. Duplicate page content is the same answer to give users the search query to the search engine, is different. The content is roughly the same. So the search engine will only from the same answer extracting a URL into the best ranking search results page, the other answer is the same screen go. The screen go results are often mistaken for search engine punishment. read more

Butterfly action salon held soon, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform fully supports the new website

four things: the award-winning site share content operators, mobile, web technology and other aspects of dry cargo

one point: love Shanghai how to look for new and new sites included the construction of the website, a good plan.


supervisor engineer will grab included from the site itself, before the chain attribute, similar pattern, user data analysis such as the new station to be included

when the mobile user in the mobile phone by a search result, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, search results, page loading speed, page browsing experience with mobile terminal adapter and other factors, will affect the mobile user experience satisfaction, we will be referred to as mobile friendly. In this salon, we will on the content of the first release of read more

Analysis of 48 hours into the love Shanghai top three advertising

ranking principle may not be what we know, but from some small ways we can guess, such as our site PV, users of the residence time and so on, the author thinks that these parameters will affect the actual site’s ranking. The search engine ranking criterion is user friendly experience, is to think of it, if you go on site users to leave off, this site does not have a search engine may favor to get good rankings.

we love Shanghai regardless of what the policies will be to stop this kind of informal means, only we see this ad on the list is the site to brush the love Shanghai top two page, we can see that there is still of great significance in Shanghai dragon. Why is not the first ten pages, you can brush the top twenty pages? The reason is very simple, the so-called 48 hours before the three Shanghai brush to love just finishing it, the real operation site still need to keep Shanghai > read more

360 search and love will split the search engine market in Shanghai


3, master of psychological. Believe that the webmaster have more or less have been punished love Shanghai experience, the station is never included, to be right down, to be K, to be the sandbox, then back to the station, and by K, finally finally touched some rules of love in Shanghai, to make their stand the survival and development. No way, is the so-called "I love Shanghai over a thousand times, I love Shanghai as first love", not the kind of cockroach spirit, it is difficult for you to do the site’s ranking will. Several recent update, even the Shanghai dragon leader figure Wang Tong et al. Websites are K, direct let some friends engaged in network promotion of direct unemployment, but did not get what enhance user experience. Shanghai love strategy is obvious, "part of the webmaster do Shanghai dragon directly kill", but in the end there is no way, we still see the love of Shanghai tune, 360, was rescued as I a webmaster of anguish and sadness, almost more than 90% of all positive for 360. read more

Click on the method of Shanghai dragon website promotion

website optimization ranking in the optimization of the worries, many webmaster looking forward to love Shanghai update, but worried that the update brings panic. Then, the optimization of the website ranking from the click rate, one might think the site click rate and optimization do not have much relationship with the ranking, also do not touch. This statement, in the end can not be recognized? Think of a good website, whether new or old station, the clicking rate is good. So, how can we better handle the clicking rate problem? read more

China Shanghai dragon believe it anyway

after entering the Shanghai dragon industry of Shanghai began to understand love and understanding, he understood this habit, this is Shanghai dragon can not change, can only adapt to the. First saw the rookie Shanghai dragon forum zhidingtie signature: "Shanghai dragon no secrets, no advanced technology, Shanghai dragon you only need to persevere perseverance. Remember: to own success often is not knowledge, is the spirit! If you always find excuses for yourself, it had to let the success of delay. Execution, just today! ", these words let me be touched very, execution is better than knowledge itself, this is absolutely the core of Shanghai dragon er’s success, I have also seen Zac predecessors share some of Shanghai Longfeng experience, when the interviewer asked him to share the experience out of fear to imitate? His answer is that there are 1% people can do good. These are illustrated by an implementation of the problem, can absorb knowledge, experience can learn, and can maintain long-term execution so Shanghai dragon itself has been successful in half. > read more

Do enterprise stand for flow optimization improve the conversion rate of higher prices

: a focus on the user experience of the construction of

What is the

two: the promotion of pinpoint the user group

three: it


what kind of website has a high conversion rate in >?

often have such sites, the ranking is very high, however, when users click on the need to look at some of the things, but got confused. Is not a false original is omnipresent advertising, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, how can such optimized website what effect? Some money may pop earnings in a number of years ago can be earned, but now rely on such words, but also bad key words with traffic. Of course, in which most of the construction site or main management contents, such as: a few days ago binary analysis of a site construction company, has a good ranking in the country, but the "website construction experience and information programs in addition to the title, but be startled at, other content read read impassability, even some strange symbols with them. Undoubtedly, the station using the pseudo original tools to guide the search engine to pseudo original approval. However, if a customer see these content, what will be the expression? Loaded mesh tongue, believe that this list also gone to waste. So the content updates, it should be based on the user experience and trigger, not even win the search engine is not have the order reversed be no record of rankings. read more

7 optimization of long tail keywords Title Experience

website at the beginning of the long tail keywords:

enterprise products: website optimization, love Shanghai optimization, website construction, network production, this information is rotten tofu online, but I found my own experience class description word + website long tail keywords is not much. So I will add new experience on the long tail word


you for the website optimization of long tail keywords not included headache? 100 boring resistance, try to have little? Xiaobian also experienced the process, now my 7 point I do website optimization of long tail keywords experience to share with you, let some perception and harvest! Stressed: the long tail keywords is the primary title mark. From my experience to share: why do the long tail keywords read more

A webmaster experience sharing through countless times right down

if you do not experience the site right down, then you won’t be a good webmaster. This sentence may be a bit extreme, but for the love of Shanghai now like convulsions, temper, right down the website is really a homely food, as one of the victims of the author, here from three aspects (right down signs, right down to reason and solve, down the right mentality to share experience).

second: website drop right reason and solve.

said "right down silently, but for now the technology, website sign to drop the right we can see. As a webmaster, on the site down right must have excellent sense of smell, if can be found in a timely manner, to take timely measures to restore the situation or drop right. Said so much, before the general website down right will have what performance? The author thinks that there are the following: read more