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Mobile nternet community can revive the old wind


wood / new media brick home network

once upon a time, BBS, like micro-blog and WeChat today, has been the most popular social tool on campus. National communities such as the "Tianya", "mop" and so on were once the rage, and the cities and universities even had localized forums. Million people online in the scene at the time that BBS became news encountered with many times, the largest amount of information distribution, the fastest spreading, also recorded a generation of youth memories. read more

Red and black nternet thinking who in innovation, who in Zhuangshennonggui

Internet thinking the word in the end is what time officially put forward, and now can not be tested. Baidu encyclopedia is so explained: "the Internet thinking Internet thinking, is in the continuous development of Internet plus (mobile), big data and cloud computing technology background, to re-examine the market, customers, products, enterprise value chain and the entire business ecosystem by way of thinking." Although this concept is not comprehensive, but also said part of the truth. read more

Webmaster, please pay attention to protect your domain name

now someone specializing in the domain name business, a good domain name can sell millions. How many people rely on the rich (than the lottery to reality), and how many people are there is a big loss because of the domain name, so we advise you friends, want to do stand, we must choose a good domain name, the domain name do no good station, bigger be others ripped off, copy posterior.

just to see the article, the 8848 did not renew the domain name as registered by others and point to Taobao. Recall how much of the story around us is about the most critical thing about the Internet, the domain name. read more

Wang Tong analysis of the development trend of online advertising

in recent years, there are nearly 30% of the rise in major portal network advertising prices almost every year, what is the real reason behind this rise? Network advertising prices will continue to rise? There will be the development trend of network advertising advertisers? How to grasp the development trend of network advertisement clever on the Internet advertising? In this paper, I will talk about the above problems.

1. Analysis of the reasons for the rising prices of online advertising

on the reasons for the rise in online advertising prices, there are different opinions. At present, there are mainly the following points: read more

The role of user experience and product design

this is a product from the birth to the birth process, product managers in the engineers and designers of the joint help, as well as the boss’s circle in the frame, in October conceived, and finally gave birth to a new product.

The following

studies the different roles that different roles play in product design. (coffee shop as an example)

PD: to build a cafe; the target population is 25-35 year old white-collar workers; the per capita consumption of 80-120 million; in section × × × road and × a fork in the road, because there are many office buildings and art colleges; what has been near the cafe style is · · · · · · they must, we · · · · · · · cost budget is · · · · · read more

Venus dry twenty-first Century investment good brand

to say that now in twenty-first Century, the dry cleaners to join the election of the project to choose what brand is best, Xiao Bian think it has to be Venus dry cleaners brand.

since 1825, the French invention of dry cleaners to join the chain, the chain has been to join the laundry in the continuous development of innovation. The dry cleaning technology as the representative of the modern laundry industry in the Chinese market is still less than 20 years. Venus dry cleaning center to enter the international brand, bringing modern laundry chain to join the revolution, for the national 1/5 crowd, locked at least 50 billion of the huge market. read more

E-business platform, team building

how to build? Construction from three aspects:

1. Excellent core. The core of the team’s leadership must be shared with what they know, what they learn, whether it be technical or selling skills. To create a good environment for communication, a reasonable division of labor, each doing his best.

Construction and implementation of

2. system. Three people, and more than three people is the team, so there must be a system, this should be discussed together.

generally can be divided into: 1, attendance system (including office attendance and running shop attendance. read more

How do you make your personal blog Alexa rank 100 thousand in three months

for a webmaster, Alexa ranking should be very familiar! Alexa ranking is the site of the world rankings, mainly divided into two kinds: comprehensive ranking and classification ranking, Alexa provides a comprehensive ranking, ranking, visiting the amount of page visits ranked other evaluation information, most people regard it as the current the more authoritative evaluation site visits.

in fact, for us to do an ordinary enterprise website, Alexa ranking may really have little value, but the ranking is more up front, more seductive. However, familiar with the advertising Union should be more clear, if it is Alexa ranking is relatively near, then on our website advertising, it certainly has some advantages. Alexa ranking is by many means of cheating to brush, and then get a big boost in a short period of time, after the Alexa often ranked in one hundred thousand, if the flow of each brush form to get Alexa ranking, it is more difficult, if improper operation will be prodding. read more

Be careful with the station, beware of the DC provider’s business tricks

Hi, these days have been trying to write an article, although a little busy, but in order to avoid detours, this article is to write about, we want to help! Thank you, I have been on the support of friends, I talk about I do stand 5 years in the process, some deep and helpless. Products and services for IDC

to tell you!Since the

04 years to do the station, large and small sites have more than 20, the domain name has 10, now the main operating this website, this website domain name is thirteenth domain names, so there will be more opportunities for IDC service providers and different constant exchanges, we all suffer the possibility of us there are common problems! I don’t write, I will write something more insidious! Here we must pay attention to read more

How do know if my website is being copied or copied

website builder certainly do not want their website is being copied, imitated, mirror, but it certainly cannot be avoided, how do we know their site is not being copied by others, imitation? A little below mentioned for reference:

to Questionbank network as an example, the webmaster should such results are not strange, is the third party service statistics print out detailed site visit background list, perhaps we can see from one end to ni. Some of the antecedents looks strange, we all know that localhost says is "the machine", which may be a web page: save for static pages, of course also put third party code with traffic statistics in the past, and then develop and test in this machine. The third party statistics do not distinguish between such antecedents, it only shows in accordance with the actual situation. read more

Analysis of the survival of the local talent standing in the crevice

wrote this article, mainly because of my own work in the talent network, and actually do it, it’s really too difficult.

with the popularity of the Internet, Chinese Internet users are increasing every year. According to CNNIC released in 2014, "the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report" can clearly see the annual increase of Internet users, by the end of December 2013, I had the users reached 618 million, compared with last year, a total of 5358 new users. And by the end of 2012, it had increased by 3.7 percentage points. read more

tPoet how does website catalog operate successfully


web directory is similar to web site navigation. His door doesn’t cut high and it doesn’t take much time to run. There are usually 2 kinds of people. One is a very fresh dish, and the other is a real strong man. Strong people usually have their own resources, and the relationship between network, powerful rallying cry should be gathered, a station to join, hang his link station weight and PR suddenly up. Rookie thought that after hanging up the program, in QQ more than a few messages, so that friends to help more points a few times, and then let friends send a few people, and then to the forum where a few ads have been top, the station will develop strong. Analyze the newbie here first. If you want to be successful, please don’t be so naive. If you want to succeed, ItPoet has a plan. read more

How to rapidly improve website popularity and brand recognition

for a web site’s popularity not only contributes to the promotion of the website, and determines the value of the site to a certain extent! So in the process of development of the site, as a webmaster or management team, to start thinking about how to improve the site visibility problems, in raising awareness at the same time, but also training users for the website brand recognition, which is an important link of the user, in the specific practice, we can also carry out the two aspects of the work, not only improve efficiency, but also conducive to enhancing effect. read more

10 key tips for searching for a good virtual host (1)

            shared / exclusive host: before you sign an agreement with a vendor, there are several important cost factors that need to be verified. Find out if your supplier has a refund guarantee, what is their refund requirement, whether a minimum agreement is required, and whether your service package can be upgraded. Rather, as your site continues to evolve, on a reasonable price basis, you will expand the bandwidth available, disk drive space, and email accounts. But if you sign a contract with a supplier for 1 years, and the existing transfer capability is no longer what you need, then the extra charge will be enough for you. Pay attention to the unlimited bandwidth or space provided. Bandwidth provision is usually linked to incremental price classes, while space delivery usually does not include file types such as.Jpg and.Gif files and other large media class files. To be sure, it can be infinite as long as you keep only text files! read more

f the P traffic on the site remains stable

everyone can say a lot of methods when talking about website promotion, but there are very few people who really limit these methods to the maximum. Most of the stations still stay where they are. This is also now a lot of PR2 or 3 of the site, traffic is only a few hundred, or even dozens. Some computer experts or people with tickets will use technical means to achieve promotion, such as mass advertising, web pages, IE hijacking, viruses, find people posted top, install plug-ins, set home, and so on. And we are no technology, no money grassroots webmaster how to do? How can we quickly promote the site to get IP? In fact, fast access to IP is not difficult, the difficult thing is to make it into a stable flow. read more

How to lock users in automobile websites

website is actually a psychology, we have to try to figure out the psychology of users, for the appropriate crowd, we make the corresponding needs. We can lock our net friends. Here is an example.

is a website for users living conditions, and how to lock our car website users? First of all we must our users such as: Tiger riders subdivision ( network worship this site was divided into riders he will have a car, there is no desire to buy, there are three types of vehicles. For them to make specific analysis, such as: people who have cars, such as bosses, urban white-collar workers, petty bourgeoisie. These will be refined after we will make their demand for different groups of people in modern society, we are to achieve the desire based, they come to your website to do what you can to provide those services for them. read more