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Xining resident population of more than 1 million 250 thousand

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, according to the 2014 population statistics sample survey results showed that by the end of 2014, the city urban resident population reached 1 million 250 thousand and 400 people, of which the urban population of 1 million 205 thousand and 500 people; three resident population of 1 million 40 thousand and 300 people, of which the urban population of 366 thousand people.

in three counties in Huangzhong County, the number of resident population of up to 454 thousand and 200 people, of which the urban population of 127 thousand people. The other two counties in Datong County, the resident population of 446 thousand people, of which the urban population of 189 thousand and 100 people; Huangyuan resident population of 140 thousand and 100 people, of which the urban population of 49 thousand and 900 people.  
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The fifth Qinghai halal food festival opens in Xining

midsummer July, cool breeze. July 13th evening 20:50, as the 2012 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition of the important activities of the Qinghai halal food festival in with a strong ethnic characteristics of the Eastern District of Ledu grand opening. Vice governor Wang Lingjun, Chinese CCPIT vice chairman Dong Songgen, executive vice president of China cooking association Feng Enyuan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait and other countries envoys and guests attended the opening ceremony.
Golden Sanzi, fragrant mellow sweet grains, hot tea boiled…… Many Chinese and foreign friends to make food from time to time thumbs up, praise, this is really a feast of halal food. The fifth Qinghai halal food festival is held in Xining Province, the largest, strongest lineup, the highest participation of the masses, the most abundant food event. This year, Qinghai halal food festival is sponsored by the Qinghai provincial Trade Promotion Committee, the Xining Municipal People’s government, Xining City East District, the district government contractors.
in order to expand the Muslim nation economic opening, guide and develop characteristic economy and industries, and promote the further development of halal food industry, Qinghai halal food festival has been successfully held four sessions. The Qinghai halal food festival with halal food brand promotion and promotion of folk tourism in accordance with the principle of combining "westbound, West, Xining, folk customs, folk customs, folk music" theme, the event organized into investment negotiations, exhibition forums and cultural exchanges in one, in the wider, unlimited business opportunities for delicacy event.

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Three days before the holiday, the province’s main line of highway traffic over twenty thousand vehi

  from 0:00 on September 30th, the province’s highway all the police to give up the rest, adhere to the traffic safety and smooth line for the majority of tourists escort escort.

Provincial Public Security Bureau leadership supervise


"you worked hard…… To express my heartfelt thanks to you!" The morning of October 3rd, the Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Lu Yuanqing, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps deputy chief Changbai Shi De and Tao Xue Bin responsible person, has come to dopa, the Beijing Tibet Expressway and Chaoyang Chaoyang North toll station, in a cordial condolences to their police line during the festival at the same time, a detailed understanding of our province highway traffic management and traffic conditions. read more

Two the village got public kindergarten

reporter from the West District Bureau of education to get good news, the new semester, the district fully launched the three year plan for pre-school education (2014 -2016).

according to the plan, the district will be in accordance with the public welfare of preschool education and inclusive principle, vigorously develop public kindergartens, plan period, step by step in Yang Jia Zhai village, Liu Zhai village new two public kindergartens, and complete the Xichuan Road Kindergarten construction projects. On this basis, to encourage social forces to organize kindergartens in various forms; actively support the development of private kindergartens, especially for the general public, lower fees inclusive private kindergarten development. Relying on the preschool education teacher training base and research base of preschool education, strengthen the private education aid and operational guidance, prevent and correct the "primary school" tendency, the promotion of private education capacity and quality in the region to gradually form the backbone of public kindergartens, private kindergartens as the main development pattern of preschool education and the public private common development. read more

The disease control project was extended to 39 counties

reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission has learned that in recent years, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, members of the provincial leading group of endemic disease prevention units in accordance with their respective responsibilities, focus, grasp the key, and strengthen measures to seriously organize the implementation of planning and control in our province. Disease action plan, to further improve the prevention and control of the working mechanism, increase the prevention and control of implementation of the tasks, take comprehensive prevention and control of epidemic investigation, screening, treatment, dog insecticide, health education and other measures, a strong impetus to hydatid disease prevention and control work and carry out, to a certain extent reduce the harm of hydatid disease of the masses, and achieved remarkable results. read more

Ten action called summer tourism brand

in order to create a national tourism standardization demonstration city, the city will carry out ten themes to create action, to create a number of well-known tourism brand, accelerate the pace of tourism development.
– "golden plate restaurant catering culture. The tourism catering industry services, food quality, service level, health environment, facilities and equipment, management system as the main content, carry out the "catering units of gold and silver and copper grade rating activities. Create a "gold" tourism catering more than 6 units, to create "eating in Xining" brand.
– "quality management" to improve the level of accommodation. The development of brand, chain, themed hotels, hotels, promote the transformation and upgrading of the accommodation industry, optimize the industry structure. 30% of the tourist star hotel to complete the assessment of green Turist Hotel, Turist Hotel information management system coverage of more than 80%.
– "safe entry" optimization of transportation service. Increase the main scenic bus shift, to extend the operating season. Actively coordinate the railway, civil aviation sector to increase the main source of trains and flights for the rapid development of the tourism industry to provide transportation security.
"upgrade" solid foundation area. Standardize the A-class scenic service guide, visitor center and other facilities, to further optimize the scenic functional zoning, tourist signs guide system, accessibility facilities. Speeding up the construction of key scenic spots such as Kumbum Monastery scenic spot and the 5A scenic spot of the park.
"transformation and quality service model innovation. Accelerate the transformation and development of travel agencies, the use of standardized means to reform and improve the travel agency operation and management mechanism. In the tourism line and product development highlight the characteristics and adaptability of Xining, to achieve a reasonable, standardized and efficient travel service model, travel agencies to complete the rating of 6.
– "integrity services" Specification for consumer sites. Standardize the management of tourism leisure and entertainment venues, establish and improve the infrastructure and service standards, with standards, norms, quality service, to extend the time for visitors to stay, increase tourism consumption.
– "the tree of excellent training" to strengthen the tour guide team. Strengthen the training and management of tour guides, and constantly improve the ideological and moral quality and professional skills, establish a good image of service.
– "warm and convenient" to improve the tourism service. Accelerate the construction of tourist distribution centers and Tourism Consulting Center, increase parking, tourist facilities set up for tourists to provide advice, ticketing, transportation, shopping, experience, such as warm and convenient service. Standardize and improve the urban road signs, etc..
– "clean standard" to promote the upgrading of tourism toilets. Comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the city, scenic spots, national and provincial public toilets along the way, establish a strict, scientific and effective management system and sanitation cleaning system.
– "win-win cooperation" to promote the joint development of tourism. On the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, promote regional tourism cooperation and the Silk Road city node, coordinate the "ring summer tourism circle" in the scenic tourism standardization service. read more

What are the advantages of online business sources

since the advent of the Internet, has made the dream of many entrepreneurs, Alibaba, Dunhuang, the successful example, in front of us, for more entrepreneurs have played a leading role. Whether B2C or Taobao, pat the seller, in terms of how to choose the purchase channels, many in the initial stage of the shop owner can not find the main points. Below, Li Zhi on some of the main channel to introduce the classification of online shopping.

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Provincial Standing Committee meeting was held by the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the implem

9 9, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the Standing Committee meeting examined and approved in principle the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech of the implementation of opinions", to convey the CPC Central Committee, informed about the Liaoning bribery case investigation and lessons for the National Health and health warning, the National Party Congress the Secretary General of the spirit of the meeting, I study the province to implement the views. read more

Striving for first-class development

For the further implementation of the provincial and Municipal Committee and municipal Party committee spirit theory retreats spirit, recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce held the 2011 District of the city of Xining with "striving for excellence, promote development" as the theme of the (Park) business theory seminar and exchange of experience

for the further implementation of the provincial and Municipal Committee and municipal Party committee spirit theory retreats spirit, recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce held the 2011 District of the city of Xining with "striving for excellence, promote development" as the theme of the (Park) business theory seminar and exchange of experience. The four district three County Bureau of Commerce, the Industrial Park Economic Development Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce offices responsible person to attend the meeting. read more

Yan Jinhai in the yindajihuang project coordination and promotion conferences stressed to speed up t

recently, vice governor Yan Jinhai chaired the yindajihuang project coordination will promote the research on the analysis of existing problems in project construction, arrangements for the deployment of the next task.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the yindajihuang project is the implementation of the province’s first inter basin water diversion project, is a power in the interest of future generations of the people’s livelihood projects and good works. The implementation of the project plays an important role in supporting the production, living and ecological water demand and promoting the economic and social development in the basin. The relevant regions and departments to further enhance the overall awareness, sense of mission, strengthen the responsibility to play, strengthen communication and cohesion, careful arrangements, struggling to tackle, to further accelerate the construction progress, to ensure that the West Main Canal built before the main body fully completed, north two, West canal project started as soon as possible when appropriate, for the benefit of the masses in Huangshui River basin. read more

Xining Expressway around 53 thousand vehicles enjoy preferential access every day

Reporters from the January 15th provincial highway administration was informed that since the beginning of December 24th last year the implementation of our province surrounding Xining freeway toll system adjustment scheme so far, every day there are 53 thousand motorcycles vehicles around Xining expressway, and enjoy the relevant sections of the internal adjustment of regional preferential policies. With the smooth implementation of the charging system adjustment program, the province of the eastern region of the new pattern of high-level toll road operation has been initially established. read more

Xining total investment of 9 yuan in the first three months of this year amounted to 49 billion 200

Accelerate the focus of investment projects, accelerate the construction of the "Green Fair", "city fair" performance project – this year from 1 to September, the total investment in Xining amounted to $49 billion 200 million.

The sampling test showed that the qualified rate of fresh milk quality was 100%

by the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry three months sampling of the province’s 47 acquisition of raw milk station 119 batches of raw milk and raw milk transport vehicles 22 vehicles of 50 batches of fresh milk with time, were not detected melamine and leather hydrolysate, lactamase negative, quality rate of fresh milk was 100%.

in recent years, in order to ensure the quality and safety of fresh milk, the province to speed up the introduction of improved varieties of dairy cattle, dairy cows can be developed rapidly, milk production growth significantly. The coexistence of dairy cows across the province can be 153 thousand cows, is expected by the end of the year, milk production can reach 362 thousand and 100 tons, an increase of 21 thousand tons. read more

Xining City North District plans to implement the four major projects

Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "four development" requirements, around the "unified three" development strategy, accelerate the development of Qinghai, Chaoyang logistics industry cluster construction projects, cultural and Sports Television Service Center project, deep processing project, copper products Xin San metal materials development investment projects and other four projects, continue to strengthen economic development. To promote the rapid growth of the industry, to achieve faster development and enrich the people strong area "goal. read more

Ten key elements of the need for inspiration

entrepreneurs need to know: common system rich trap! The use of information to make money, but nowadays some information crooks trick after another, designed a trap, make people aspiring inadvertently when the big. The following is the most common way to expose the current line to remind people to guard against the trap of getting rich, to avoid undue loss.

A, for free: in recent years, there have been "for free" advertising reported in the newspaper, when you go to the electric signal contact, they are not to send packing, is to charge of technical cooperation or contract justice charges. When you send the money, some of them send some so-called seeds, and some even have no news. They were "free for misleading" signs, tricked into buying. You know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. read more

The largest community in the province built in the north of the city

The day before, the largest province of the city community, Seongbuk Bridge Street office Mao Sheng Temple community built in the north of the city zone. Relying on community resources and carry out party grid management, meticulous service "two" brand building, add oxygen, Sun Yue Yuan Tong knowledge interesting classes, reading room, electronic reading room, Internet cafes and other green services, and actively implement the "one line management, one-stop office, all in one service disposable Banjie" service concept, to create a comprehensive function, facilities management, excellent comprehensive community service center. read more