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How to stand out in the competitive market

entrepreneurial boom rise, no matter whether there is a large amount of money to join the army to venture, so the competition is unusually fierce. So how can we obtain the success of the enterprise in the fierce environment?

A, rational business

especially the first venture, must be rational thinking, find out the following problems: one is the business model, must find a profit point, there must be a clear source of profits; two is to do the worst case of the operating budget, rather than to the ideal data to make predictions, to prevent investment budget small, market forecast, cost estimation and low misalignment phenomenon, too idealistic will inevitably lead to higher expected benefits, problems will be taken by surprise; the three is the ability to integrate resources, first venture to integrate all the available power ", to create a complementary community of interests.

to effectively reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, the enterprise operation is four multiplier; all kinds of resources "chain" can not be broken, the resources here refers to the raw materials, products, talents, capital, channels and other elements, in order to do this an enterprise must reduce dependence on certain resources, or have to mobilize, the ability to contain resources.

to the venture capital source, target customers, partners (need complementary), start-up and operation mode have a very clear understanding, from pay attention to important points, start small, attention to detail, rational entrepreneurship.

as the current join and agents is a fast way of business, but the risk is also accompanied by many, in the decision to join, must pay attention to the details, through the use of the Internet, related to the enterprise stakeholders consultation to deepen the understanding of enterprise, even if there is a kind of joining the board shop, nor by the appearance of confused, improve the legal awareness of self-protection; the best lawyer first confirmed, and learn to apply additional provisions to protect themselves; to choose the most suitable mode.

If you want to join the

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