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Returnees to start empty-handed selling lunch

business has now become a thing, everyone wants to do at the same time, life often find some entrepreneurs have more wonderful entrepreneurial experience, returnees entrepreneurs started selling lunch you should be not heard.

this is "returnees lunch", each fifteen dollars to twenty-five dollars, three dishes and one meal, look very delicious. Who can think of, to make such a delicious lunch is actually the 29 year old handsome "returnees" Zhang huan. After learning from hotel management in Switzerland in 2002, Zhang Huan worked in a five-star hotel, because he did not like to work for others, he thought of his own business.

the beginning to do lunch just a astepping-stone to success, to let the outside world know a way to quixtar.

from Switzerland returning selling lunch, this is not a chicken with Jae chopper? Zhang Huan said, he is the five star hotel restaurant concept to do lunch, not only raw materials to ensure the green assured, even with lunch box is also dedicated to learn the advanced experience of Japan, do not sprinkle leakage and no pollution. Started by selling lunch, Jetstar company now also bear a lot of large-scale exhibition takeaway, and buffet banquet, buffet service.

in fact no matter who in the early days of entrepreneurship are small business start, through some small businesses that earn the life of the first pot of gold, then play some success, so people recommended

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