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Mother and child industry marketing positions gradually shift to the mobile nternet

China now almost a mobile phone, and even some people also have a number of mobile phones, which means that the number of Chinese mobile phone network to achieve a surge in the value of the mobile internet marketing and thus enhanced. It is because of this, the mother and child industry will shift to the mobile internet marketing positions.

with "80" crowd gradually into the baby boom, the habit of consumer consumption idea and the media also shows the new characteristics of the times. And compared to the price, "80" consumer groups are more concerned about the quality of the products and the baby feel, more significant is the characteristics of the network has become an important medium for their baby contact information.

parenting the Internet has become their habit of modern parenting lifestyle, they prefer personalized network childcare services have a strong desire for parental advisory information and participation, but also from the material to the spirit of the Internet platform dependent child.

this kind of baby industry platform, marking the baby industry began to focus on mobile internet marketing, in opening up new sales channels at the same time as the industry itself, but also greatly enhance the consumer experience, online shopping market differentiation but also indicates that the mobile Internet will be the future of marketing for maternal and infant industry.

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