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Are you OK Millet Lei Jun led the nternet gangster micro-blog marketing inventory

recently, the thunder millet acquisition rumors, thunder CEO Zou Shenglong released "Buyout Offer Coming? – Ah?", the title looks very adorable, not only that, the old Zou also often use color text sell adorable.

as an important means of marketing, micro-blog will undoubtedly become the Internet bigwigs public relations marketing a hotly contested spot, not only the old Zou love to sell adorable Rebs and Zhou, I am also well versed in various kinds of marketing channel, today for everyone to take stock of science and technology circle bigwigs in different style of micro-blog marketing.

thunder CEO Zou Shenglong rumored love selling Meng



CEO Zou Shenglong in July 1st released the title for "Buyout Offer Coming? – Ah?" (to be bought out??) long micro-blog, with English responded to the company or the acquisition of millet rumors, said: "at first, I thought Forbes want to say is the cheetah", is to stay adorable. Not only that, Zou Shenglong before the release of micro-blog sometimes with color text to contact him, smiling face is really all Meng da.

Lei Jun: already black as black


at this year’s India Conference on millet, Lei Jun and his English was a bright spot, netizens Tucao not to stop, but after "Are you OK" this brainwashing Divine Comedy, many people turn to Lei Jun powder, what is more conform to the trend, in the micro-blog "Are you OK" laugh at yourself, win the praise. This year’s "618", millet also launched a "Are you OK" T-shirt and mouse pad.

Zhou Hongyi: firepower "hand piece"


old week in the performance of micro-blog is very high profile, not only to promote the product, but also often aimed at the friends of the fire, Are you OK Terrier is soon to play the old rotten. Not only that, the old week also had joked, we 360 mobile phone to do the "direct", Ren Zhiqiang and Pandanyi if mobile phone can do "bending" cooperation, and self styled "Alexander. Zhou ‘

Zhang Zhaoyang: no trace of marketing


in January 16th this year, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang first made a "tongue twister" micro-blog, ostensibly to advertise for the Sohu, will rival the QQ browser praise, in fact it caused many users to "Sogou input method charge calls to send", not a trace of dew point marketing.

Robin Li: ride tree image



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