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Service enterprises spring shangmeng

After the arrival of the

crisis, seems to be affected very many industries, emerging industries to the Internet from such traditional industries, without exception, are affected, each of the companies are also looking for weapons to combat the financial crisis, every enterprise wants to find a powerful weapon. The rapid development of the Internet e-commerce, so that enterprises see the power of e-commerce, many companies have joined the e-commerce. In the multitude of e-commerce platform, how to find the e-commerce platform for enterprise’s


answer is about to be announced……

Alibaba, HC as e-commerce platform in the big brother, popular. Indeed they are well-known e-commerce platform, but we have to analyze specific industries, not all businesses are applicable, after all, the economic crisis has just begun, enterprises choose a suitable business platform for the future development of the enterprise, smoothly through the economic crisis is very important.

we use service enterprises to do a market analysis, service enterprises are different from the traditional manufacturing industry, service enterprises with the traditional manufacturing industry is completely different business models and competitiveness. In the industry, the more well-known Chinese enterprise service provider website "E enterprise service network", is a commitment to provide quality services for the service company website,

what is China’s excellent enterprise service provider website?

China excellent enterprise service provider website is the enterprise excellent valuable information, information or products, services to enterprises, so that more customers understand the enterprise, find the enterprise. Help enterprises to reduce costs, maximize the profits of enterprises. E dimensional network built up to actively promote enterprises to carry out their own brand image construction and excellent service concept, not only committed to providing enterprise required for the enterprise, is also committed to allow more customers to understand the business, find business. The E dimension of the enterprise business model pioneered by the enterprise to talk about.

why do you want to launch business circles?

E dimensional network business model pioneered by the enterprise, not only to provide a platform for trading B2B functions, but also to provide more powerful features to help companies find better suppliers, agents, etc.. Will provide enterprises with a more targeted, more effective interactive network business platform for the enterprise to improve the quality of e-commerce. Flexible network business model will enable the rapid penetration of E network to the most concerned about the company’s profits, brand building, etc.

What is the shangmeng shangmeng

? Where is the value of


business is E dimensional business circle pattern in dragon punchline, shangmeng value lies in the same industry enterprises or individuals all combined into an industry circle to promote exchanges between enterprises, promote business cooperation between enterprises, and outstanding enterprise title in business union in display, display of corporate brand value, improve enterprise’s reputation and visibility.

and shangmeng not only for the enterprise. "

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