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22 year old female webmaster Web interactive beauty station 2, successfully accepted financing

back by the end of 2005 to 07 in the first half of this year, Web2.0 experienced too many to count companies and investment institutions in the "capital Carnival", as long as the Web2.0 label, immediately putting much sought after.

however, when everyone thinks the darkest before the dawn, a small bright spot will appear particularly eye-catching; when winter coming over a small grass, Mars can lead to a blazing fire. Moreover, most of the time for the development of the industry and the real situation as some mistake so bad.

although some of the company’s layoffs storm continues, pessimistic remarks are still spreading, industry practitioners often issued a red flag can carry long question. However, my music network, uusee, cool 6 network, rounds of financing,, Jiayuan soaring popularity, a net, net, as the media point of receipt of investors sought an interactive website recently, beauty "silk" Meier have also been a number of white-collar workers and young people and transfer has got millions of investment, whether investors or entrepreneurs are not abandon Web 2, community friends, network marketing, network advertising business model. Every day there are still new Web2.0 companies in the day, there is still a new Web2.0 every day in high-speed growth.

after all, integration and industrial development of new technology is an irreversible trend, as long as we are not only for Web2.0 and Web2.0, as long as we can find a suitable profit model, and ensure the healthy growth of users and cash flow.

we are willing to believe that this is not Web2.0 winter, so many of our Web2.0 entrepreneurs, venture capital, angel investment together, not to warm, but in order to exchange ideas, integration of investment, to meet a new round of investment boom and growth opportunities.

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