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Babe network announced chigai plan involves 16 categories


] February 16th news billion state power network, billion state power network that maternal sale platform babe network today officially announced "open investment chigai" plan. It is reported that the investment plan mainly includes the open category, investment objectives, resources support, brand case, settled standards in five aspects.

according to the official introduction, babe network opened including baby clothing, shoes, toys, baby products, style of clothing, pregnant mother pregnant mother supplies, nutrition / health care products, women’s underwear, clothing, home textile Home Furnishing department stores, furniture, shoes, bags, beauty care, fresh food, small household appliances etc. the sixteen category.

specific criteria are as follows:

1, the registered trademark of the brand has the right to operate (R standard, TM standard can be)

2, the company was founded for over 6 months

3, registered capital of more than 500 thousand

4, does not accept individual industrial and commercial households, individual proprietorship settled in

other requirements:

1, margin 10 thousand, food margin of 30 thousand

2, Koudian: adult clothing / Shoes / clothing shoes 15%; 15%; 10% food; beauty home 10%;

3, accounts for a month.


babe network chigai "part of the contents of

plans to start, babe network of resources will support in three aspects, data flow, brand etc.. Specifically, including the basis of the characteristics of the user’s brand target for large data operations, to give more guidance to the original brand marketing and traffic support and enhance the brand tone through publicity, to create high-quality brand image, etc..

According to

billion state power network to understand, network platform is currently, Beibei Semir, starry, naughty McDull, baby Yi Yan, Yun Yi, Jessica dream posture, shell elements, Zuo Xi, plant protection, red sandalwood, Muyu grass, silk, OOU, Wuyang, Lancome, sixteen Cheng Mei Lan Ao towel home sales over 10 million brands.

in addition, babe network from two aspects of brand sale and single product business, providing key resources to support businesses in the flash sale, exclusive discounts, limited purchase, discount, clearance, factory direct supply, fight groups and other seven forum.

thousand shell program started in October 14, 2016. Babe network founder Zhang Lianglun announced the same day, will invest 5 hundred million in the next year, to support 1000 single month sales of more than 1 million high-quality brands. "1000 enterprises chigai plan" in the year of support, the main choice of China local brands, mainly from the enterprise product quality, brand strength, brand and customer base of Beibei matching, market reputation and other aspects of screening, including Biostime, bobdog, Heng Group, Mamy Poko and other brands, or will be involved in the development of plan.

Zhang Lianglun says: "

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