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.mobi phone domain name, do you need

      the advancement of the Internet, website flocking, domain name as the number of Internet era, many types of people a little giddy feeling.

      according to the report, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced in Beijing: as of May 31st, China’s.Cn domain name registration is five million three hundred and three thousand one hundred and fifteen. What a huge number ah, in fact.Cn domain is a piece of money to promote the prosperity of the domain name, would not discuss their impact on the Internet is good or bad, I want to care more about the officials should be the about five million amount of registration and Title Global domain name registrations ranked third.

      3G a reminiscent of the elegant information technology, as the mobile phone domain.Mobi Internet to make earth and blowing wind domain, called "mobile marketing". Some time ago, I also forget the specific time, and participated in a conference on.Mobi mobile domain name. Many participants, when Taiwan started sitting down two of about 100, but less than ten minutes to speak a dozen people. When the first half ended his speech, leaving only the empty position, leaving the care of drinking free drinks, waiting for the end of the meeting the sweepstakes.

      during the speech, next to a participant asked me, what is the domain name? I was asked by him. Table.Mobi domain of entrepreneurs and organizers of the speaker there still flying slobber described the domain name to mobile phone Internet brings the new technology and new network marketing idea, and claimed that the global number of how many million people in the use of mobile phone, mobile phone a good domain name can bring much of the performance, I wonder, do all the people will have a mobile phone online using a mobile phone, will come to understand the market information through the mobile phone domain? Holding amount and usage can not equate. Indeed, the superiority of the issuance of 3G licenses and 3G Internet information technology needed in mobile phone domain support, but even the popularity of 3G, I want to come to consult the product or market information through mobile phone domain in a very long period of time or a few people?

      new things and new technology has its unique superiority, mobile phone domain to a certain extent, the information age is more efficient, but recognize the market is the most important, the market is not mature, blindly launched a new domain name will only make business owners and users have a dazzling feeling. After all, the economic benefits brought by the Internet at this time is not a very mature time. In the face of the mouth if the spring salesman, make people feel that there is gold everywhere advertising words, will only make some enterprises into a frenzy of illusion, as if a company to do a website will have a lot of orders, a mobile phone registered domain name, and then do a website, every day will be a guest. In a continuous line.

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