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After the sale of the World Cup World Cup fever fast retreat 13 years wandering gray zone

original title: the world cup after a quick return to the high gray color network color when ashore

market cake 100 merchants only 2 qualified 13 years walk grey everything is ready only licensing

2014 is destined to become the first year of Internet lottery sales, although before the Internet lottery has been wandering in the gray area for 13 years.

13 billion 700 million, SMG sales record in Brazil during the world cup, so the Internet lottery market insiders repeatedly used to describe the hurricane, and the next line of physical lottery shop is still calm. Feel the physical lottery shop operators, is still hovering in the gray area of the Internet lottery agency is stealing their cheese "thief", and even that lottery retail industry may be the next victim of the electricity supplier. The huge potential of the Internet to show the color of the parties began to face this huge cake coveted, but also to strengthen the supervision of the voice of one after another.

, however, after the world cup, more rapid Internet lottery fever also will quickly bring down a fever, the main network quiz type lottery IP flows cliff diving. Tube, or put it? This is a problem.

store owner

Snyder customer base and network did not compete with

old wheat, physical lottery shop owner, the operation of lottery sales point 16 years, had opened a shop in the past 3. Experienced a single monthly income of twenty thousand days, now only a store, but the monthly income of 2000~3000 yuan.

Guangzhou Daily: just started to do lottery is relatively high profit


old wheat: 1998 began to shop, opened three years on the deficit for three years. Later lottery launched a number of new games, 2001 began to make money.

Guangzhou Daily: how is your business?

old wheat: I originally had three lottery stores, the most prosperous when the cost of each store every month to dig to earn more than 20 thousand. I am only a shop to buy some old lady and big bets, less. Lottery revenue is 6%, 8% lottery, if not, basically no profit.

Guangzhou Daily: do you think the Internet lottery will grab your business?

old wheat: No, the store’s business is being robbed of the store, we and the Internet are not a group of people. Early in my career, Guangzhou is no more than 1000 stores, now at least three thousand or four thousand, business is not short. Data group lottery

The 30 thousand

Internet betting.

Tong, 25 years old, from Wuhan, engaged in IT career. Nearly 9 years of history. Love analysis data is a data group lottery.

Guangzhou Daily: how much money will be invested per month on average

Tong: it should be said that the loss of how much money. If I lose 30 thousand yuan a month, I’ll take it. In general, if a month to buy 4489 yuan only thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan profit is tantamount to losing money. In the lottery, number

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