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Enterprise promotion on B2B platform

B2B has more than B2C mode real earnings outlook, the reasons for this phenomenon lies in the establishment of B2C brand and consumer loyalty process is very difficult and very expensive, advertising and inventory logistics investment during this period is amazing, many companies are not up to the required size, but the B2B site has the customer loyalty generally higher than that of the B2C website, but also because of its service object for the enterprise, so that in the process of growing up fees become more relaxed, with a relatively stable source of income, in the B2C to receive a few thousand dollars membership fee for the enterprise of nine cattle 10 Fen, many companies are willing to try, in effect after they become loyal customers. While B2C is not the same, because consumers have the right to choose large, coupled with the B2C platform and to attract consumers to buy the price low, therefore, the B2B model is certainly the focus in the near future direction of the development of electronic commerce.

generalized B2B website is we often say that the B2B platform, which is a trading platform for intermediate B2B, vertical B2B, platform type such as Alibaba, global sources, HC, Marco Polo, involving almost all industries, large and comprehensive service, and comprehensive functions, and has accumulated many years of brand. Join the site also belong to the platform, the previous year is relatively popular, such as a celebrity endorsements and u88 hit TV advertising opportunities, 28 and 3158 stations, China joined the network and so on, these sites of the earliest business model is to store advertising pages, since the CCTV exposure was suspected of fraud after joining the site some advertising all but some joined the site unable to get up after a fall, also have their own characteristics and exaggerated advertising will not let go the route of unique steady development and achieved good results. The industry such as network stations, treasure island, industry words as the title of the numerous industry stations and so on, these sites focus on certain industries, but also some unique features and services, because these professionals in B2B under heavy attack that can proudly independent, such as chemical industry net station group in the China chemical industry professional since the service can not be replaced. The B2B platform also has its own difficulties, that is the first buyers resources, a platform for a large number of buyers crowd there to make charges sellers see benefit, the buyers here to make purchasing seller products can be sold, the seller has made gains which will lead to more public effects on the membership fees the B2B platform is formed, which makes the B2B platform can be maintained, to obtain more benefits, so a B2B platform should have the ability to make their own members earn money to make money, which requires in the early days there are many channels to attract buyers living resources accumulated in the station before the purchase, which is why B2B the platform is not easy to build.

for the need to promote the products of the enterprise in the network on the fact that the promotion is: exposure rate inquiry order

first talk about the most important network promotion exposure, for those who do not want to spend money, your peers so much on what you do on the network highlights you do not want to spend money to do Baidu promotion, do not want to spend >

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