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Event marketing and event marketing

event marketing and event marketing is used in the network marketing is more and more frequent, for network companies, and now the most important way to promote the network is the event marketing and event marketing. A lot of people in the event marketing and marketing activities on the subdivision, can not be separated from the event marketing and marketing activities are always confused. I am here today is to distinguish event marketing and event marketing.

in the event marketing, promotion of pharmaceutical products in 2011 Wantong Wantong Xiaomishuan this product, customers dowenqi promotion plan spokesperson Yuan Li boyfriend at this scandal, after the incident, attracting 100 media coverage in the network hype, first of all, giving white lilies in the post broke the mysterious man, Yuan Li has a new boyfriend, then continue to a mysterious online boyfriend thousand Lily marriage, Valentine’s day two secret date. After this event spread to enhance the attention of Yuan Li, 100 media reports of the 286 news. This is a typical event marketing.

event marketing (has been mistaken for event marketing)

The Japanese

watchmaker to open the market in Australia, improve the visibility of the bid, said one day will drop in a square watch, finders keepers. The same day, the watchmaker hired a helicopter, more than 1000 table into the ground, at the scene of the people he picked up the watch, a look at the still intact, so tell their new friends.


event is usually considered to be a very successful event marketing, but in fact it is a planned post marketing activities, in the throwing watches activities with the help of the media before this activity time, place and content, this is a message, it has attracted wide attention from the local people. Is this activity to form a good reputation, after this in with the line promotion and media campaign, finally opened the Australian market, the success of the successful marketing of sell.

generally speaking, event marketing is mainly for the events that have just happened, or the famous historical events planning, resulting in a strong news effect. The timing of event marketing propaganda is his past gone, can seize the time to achieve the purpose of marketing, but for many of the promotion personnel, find out what is the relationship not hot events and products, it will lose a lot of opportunities. To achieve the purpose of marketing at the same time, reduce advertising costs.

and marketing activities after a long time to prepare, every detail and process activities, to achieve the goal is through many revisions, if according to the execution of activities planning activities completed, activities are often more successful.


event is sudden and is constantly changing according to the progress of the event. The activity is in a very long period of time under the preparation of what determines, in a certain period of time to carry out an activity marketing.

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