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Baidu space off May 7th officially moved to Baidu cloud

Baidu space closed in May 7th officially moved to Baidu cloud

[TechWeb] April 7th news, today, there is news that Baidu is about to move to Baidu cloud. In this regard, TechWeb on the Internet to "Baidu space" as the keyword search, the emergence of the "Baidu space in May 7th will be officially moved to the Baidu cloud, we will bring together the buddy memory, embark on a new journey!" the text, according to the prompt, you can jump directly to the Baidu cloud interface.

in addition, micro-blog users @ Moonlight blog also broke the news in its personal micro-blog. The blog said that eight years of operation of the Baidu space was finally shut down by Baidu, Baidu space content automatically migrated to the Baidu cloud, from the beginning of April 21st, Baidu released the Baidu space function, space users can consider self independent blog site, or use the Sina blog and three party blog website.

data show that Baidu space is an easy to record, share the content of life community, where you can find more like-minded people, anytime, anywhere to keep in touch with friends, find happiness together. 2009 Baidu space launched APP platform. (Aruhan)

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