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Peng Hongwei network so that he was reborn from the disabled youth to the electricity supplier elite

had a good idea, to introduce 28 founding team members to share their experience in the network, the network through the process of the same, in order to bring more young people engaged in this industry for reference and inspiration. Up to now, there are 34 members of the founding team of the 28 push, not to say that each team member is now very good, but whether it is success and failure, there are also worth learning and learning new places.

we all know that the 28 push forum was launched in November 11, 2010, the reason why the name of the push, because in 2010, when the time received a total of 28 disciples, that is, the first batch of a group of 28 members of the founding of the push of the 28. But many people do not know, Peng Hongwei is my first disciple in the true sense, as early as 2008 forged a marriage. So when you write this blog, the first thought is Peng Hongwei. And Peng Hongwei is also one of the 28 founding members of the team is very representative. It is worth a lot to enter or will soon enter the new Internet learning.

lying at home for 5 years of disabled youth

time back to the Spring Festival in 2008, when I was leaving from 360, did not immediately find a job, so stay at home in Chongqing for almost 3 months. In this period, my father let me go to see a car accident because under completely paralyzed body disabled youth, I can teach him to learn network promotion, pick up confidence in life, the young Peng Hongwei is disabled.

to tell you the truth, I am not the kind of people who are naturally very caring, but because his father is the home of the street director, has been very enthusiastic to help others, that Peng Hongwei’s situation, take me to. Remember to visit Peng Hongwei, is in a dilapidated tile house, then his parents in the vicinity of brick factory workers, so the temporary living there. Because the traffic accident treatment, the family debt a few million yuan, Peng Hongwei also at home like this for 5 years, poor mental state, often heard that there is a period of time to the end of his life, because life can not see hope.

is just that Peng Hongwei has a pair of healthy hands, and I have always thought that the Internet is not a high threshold for work, as long as there will be a chance to work hard. At that time, Peng Hongwei was lying in the home for 5 years, not to mention the operation of the computer, typing is a little rusty. Remember that he was a cousin of a laptop computer, only temporary use.

I didn’t consider his family, just think little of that if you want to do the Internet, then at least to have my own computer. In my opinion, it is not difficult to buy a 2000-3000 assembly computer. Later, I learned that the Peng Hongwei family on such a computer can not afford to buy, or to find the East after the east by the West borrowed a little, only to buy a computer.

may think that money is not enough to find relatives to borrow money is a small thing. But in China, rich in the mountains are distantly related to poor in the downtown, no one asked, because relatives know their family situation, afraid to borrow it.

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