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Network entrepreneurial experience by selling domain names to make money

in 2005, my classmates and I started a domain name sales website, students investment, I am mainly responsible for business. Start domain sales. Just started the domain name market is the CN domain name and COM domain name 70 yuan to $250.

2005 we started the CN domain name to sell 40 yuan / year, the network gives us the reserve price is 35 yuan / year, remove the advertising costs, basically do not make money. Even so we began to sell is also very small, because the start-up company customers do not recognize, do not dare to buy, others sell 100 yuan, you sell $40, others think you are a liar.

because of low prices, there are people who dare to eat crabs, slowly began to increase the number of our customers. Later, the customer is introduced to customers, so the customer is snowball growth.

to July 2005, civilink suddenly promotion CN domain name, the month settlement price to us is 20 yuan, we sold 21 yuan, excluding the cost of basic money, but the volume of business that is not too big, pay a few hundred dollars a month. So it doesn’t matter.

began in August 2005, the settlement price of our CN domain name is 35 yuan. We sell 36 yuan, because the domain name industry competition is very intense. Sell 40 yuan, basically no advantage.

2006, million net adjusted agent rating criteria, we become the highest level nets agent: the core agent, has a great advantage on the price. Moreover, we in the domain name industry’s reputation has been greatly improved (now you can just find a domain name engage people, ask if you know that the "second names", generally know, unless he is not willing to tell you he knows)

When the

in August 2006, all have a promotion, the price is very low, we also sell cheap, but this time our business volume has been and July 2005 time cannot be mention in the same breath, then we have online sales ranked first in the network agent. At that time, we can not lose 1 yuan of money, because it can not afford to lose, the amount of business is too large, each lost $1, a month down to eat. So we do not lose money on the basis of the development of the reserve price. All our sales agents, the price is the same price.

in the past 2 years, we do not make money, we have established a high degree of visibility in the customer, integrity. We do the standard is: not only low prices, and new registration renewals price is the lowest.

although we do not make money, but our visibility, integrity is very valuable intangible assets.

a start-up company to let customers know you, if you do not have enough money to advertise, it is cheap to sell products so that customers know you, that is, Liu Chuanzhi praised the sentence: sell gold as silver.

sum up the success of our 2 years of operation:

first: low price policy, integrity management >

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