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Sina and micro-blog pause comment

today login Sina micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog, will receive a notice to inform the user temporarily unable to comment on micro-blog. Sina micro-blog and Tencent have issued a notice, respectively, said that from March 31st to 8 am on the morning of April 3rd at about 8 a.m., the suspension of the micro-blog comment feature micro-blog.

Sina micro-blog bulletin

"micro-blog users:

recently, many rumours and other illegal and harmful information in micro blog comment thread. To focus on cleaning up, from 8 am on March 31st to at on the morning of April 3rd, the suspension of micro blog comments. After cleaning up, we will open the comment function. The necessary information to clean up, in order to facilitate the provision of better communication environment for everyone, I hope the majority of users understand and understanding. Thank you for your support.



March 31, 2012 "

Tencent micro blog announcement

"user friend:

recently, through the micro blog spread rumors of illegal and harmful information resulting in adverse social impact, harmful information in the comments thread is relatively large, need to focus on cleaning up. To this end, the site decided to temporarily suspend the micro blog comments from 8 a.m. to April 3rd at about a.m. on March 31st. The inconvenience to you, please understand.


March 31, 2012 "

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