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Official news –KesionCMSV4.5 SP1 recently launched, please pay attention…

It is reported that

, Kesion officials recently will launch kesioncmsv4.5 SP1 4.5 in bug repair and new function… Part of users strongly urge.


below is part of the new features of KesionCMS V4.5 Sp1:

KesionCMS V4.5 Sp1 What’s New
1 (January 15, 2008), the background to increase the file management and batch clean up junk files
2, repair front search and download system error
3, repair admin/ks.template.asp invalid called include/public.js resulting in some users choose the template that
4, SQL script error repair version generated tree menu select the style of a mistake
5 in two, repair the installation directory, users cannot quit
6, into the member center generated thumbnail (inset) without the watermark generated Google />7,
8, repair ks_cls/KS.WebFilesCls.asp file management path error bug
9, fix the background mail listserv, can only be specified the mail form, according to other members, according to the user group sending successful bug
10, repair Complex background Digg records management, according to the classification of view without transfer model ID bug
11, in addition to the repair model, the other model can give the general manager backstage management authority
12 Digg distribution and repair information released no choice column that will automatically submit the small Bug


KesionCMS V4.5 main features:

1, no technical threshold, simple, easy to use, powerful, stable, safe, fast, flexible, beautiful, practical, good extension; website building solutions fast and efficient and powerful, non professionals can easily get started, let the non technical staff can easily and independently build and site management, backstage management authority distribution liberalization, support by channel and module are respectively set the channel manager and the administrator module, but also provide comprehensive background operation records, make website maintenance easier, let the site creative team collaborative work; system architecture security allows you to sleep without any anxiety.
2, the functional modules of the system: full super system not only has complete management modules such as article (News) system, image system, download system, animation system, music system, video system, system, system of supply and demand mall. A sub function of individual enterprise blog and announcement system, Links management, traffic statistics function, key management function, management function, the author editor source management function, management function, internal links > tube

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