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Taobao Baidu spider shielding Google


September 6th news, according to NetEase, technology blog news, has begun to shield Baidu spiders (BaiduSpider), the user will be difficult to search businesses and merchandise information through Baidu, but did not take the same shielding measures of Google and other search engines.

technology to access the NetEase found that Taobao web site root directory of the robots.txt file has been set up to intercept Baidu spider "Disallow:/" command, "Baidu Taobao spider gets information from.

Taobao shield for Baidu spiders, Taobao public relations director Lu Weixing said that Taobao has a number of users and transaction sensitive information is certainly not allowed to grab the search engine, this situation has always been there. But Taobao is completely blocked Baidu, Lu Weixing said it is not clear.

UE, the former Baidu 5G consultant white crow in NetEase blog wrote, blocked Baidu is a must: on the one hand, Taobao needs to prevent the long-term accumulation and cultivation of business information by rival Baidu C2C use, the more important one is to express a kind of attitude. White crow that "although the electronic commerce 1/3 of the traffic from the search, but Ma certainly could not live with their users after the first opponent to come. Let shopping entrance from the search, is a bold approach, Ma want to completely change the user’s habits."

famous IT blog Hong Bo expressed concern about the practice of Taobao. Hong Bo published in the latest blog article NetEase blog wrote, seal off Baidu reptiles, Taobao will certainly hurt themselves, hurt the shop in Taobao shop owners, but it will hurt Baidu?. The attitude of Ma Yun, a bit like closing the door make efforts decades ago China." Hong Bo believes that the next will increase online and offline brand advertising, to further strengthen the shopping Taobao users cognition, at the same time, will try to win over the seller, the seller to prevent abandoned Taobao due to decline in the number of buyers.

according to official data Alibaba, Taobao has 80 million users, more than $300 million a day volume, the day before yesterday, Taobao announced a merger with ALI mother. In October 2007, Baidu officially announced to enter the field of C2C, and in August 23rd this year, C2C open beta registration, provide no more than 10 thousand beta places for businesses to stay ahead of schedule.

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