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Site survey European users attach great importance to the credibility of the travel site

, June 9, 2009 (Tuesday): "credibility" is one of the most important factors for a travel site that wants to attract users across Europe, according to a survey conducted by Yahoo.

surveyed 11000 Internet users in Europe’s top online markets – the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – and asked a lot of questions about travel sites.

While the credibility of the

is the most important factor for users in Europe, but the UK’s favorite site is characterized by simple and clear, while the French love friendly website.

"special products and the latest offer" is the most eager to provide the contents of the tourism website, followed by price comparison tool. The least important is information about carbon emissions.


people travel search is the prime time at night, but the most common in the daily work after the Internet, 62% of Britons chose this time, while the Europeans choose average ratio during this period of time is 56%.

Germans prefer to visit the tourist sites on the weekend, the ratio is 52%, while the average European ratio is 46%.

another concern about the interests of marketers is that the word of mouth is very important. When asked to convince them to try the new site two factors, 56% of respondents said the word of mouth.

second of the most popular channels are TV ads and e-mail, with a vote of 19%.

sponsored links as a way to convince users to use the site, and banner advertising is equally popular, the same vote is 18%; only about 7% of respondents will respond to pop-up ads.

finally, the Germans and Italians are most trusted by other users. When they were asked to indicate the degree of approval of the following problems with 0 to 10 points: whether the reviews can help them to buy or not to buy a tourism product, the user is given 7.4 points in Germany, Italy is given 7.2 points, while the average score is 6.8 points in europe.

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