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Ou Le game network by the police on suspicion of gambling and the gamble amount of 2 billion 900 mil

DoNews game on May 3rd news (reporter Sun Yongli) recently, Ou Le chess suspicion of open Internet gambling platform, by the Wenzhou Ruian police investigation. Ou Le Shen and the person in charge of 12 suspects jingfangxingju, the total money amounted to 2 billion 900 million yuan.

according to the Ruian police investigation, Ou Le net game is a company registered in the Ministry of culture of the network chess game, but the network chess game set up online gambling platform. Game player through the virtual currency to buy Ou Le Le card selling beans ", as the chips for gambling in the game. Players can also be converted to cash in the middle of the game, commonly known as the silver merchant. Ou Le game network and silver business by reselling virtual currency earn spreads the way profits.

suspects, Ou Le game network responsible person was arrested after Shen said that because of the legal loopholes in this respect, always with luck in business website. But in fact, he obviously violated the relevant provisions of the state of virtual currency. In June 26, 2009, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "notice on virtual currency transaction management", clearly pointed out that will prohibit the following behavior: by lottery betting, gambling, etc. random distribution, online virtual currency or props. "Notice" that will be gambling or betting on the use of virtual currency act transferred to public security organs according to law, and urged all localities to cooperate with public security organs with the strict regulation of color online gambling, crack down on the use of virtual currency to engage in gambling crime for breach.

Ruian police, Ou Le game network in October 2009 by Shen suspects and Kim established operations, as the police investigation, the website registration number reached 880 thousand, the total funds up to 2 billion 900 million yuan. (end)

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