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Visit the first base students from nternet addiction, deceived by their parents to treat

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June – (reporter Zheng Tianhong, Yi Yi) in order to play online games, 13 year old boy from Hebei, the sun secretly sellers of things, but also with a few friends in the primary school door robbery. He said: "every day I play truant, and two brothers, I began to do in the future, will become what? Don’t think afterwards."

Base China

teenagers psychological development was founded in 2004 (hereinafter referred to as the "base"), received a total of more than 10 years of "youth addiction" of more than 7000 people, more than 5 people consulting. There are students from across the country more than 60 people, before they come are playing truant, drop out, some were removed from society linger all day at home Internet cafes, most of the internet.

came to Beijing Daxing Industrial Park, No. 66 Beijing million college computer, perennial red door closed. There are 4 buildings in the hospital for the use of low buildings, respectively, for teaching and student accommodation, parents accommodation, office buildings and canteens.

walked into the two storey building, there are 8 counseling room and team psychological consultation room on the first floor, two floor for the student accommodation area, there are 8 rooms and 12 rooms, two floors and a floor staircase is provided at the iron railing door was locked, all the year round.

Tao, director of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region Medical Center Director

addiction base said, because the students are mostly deceived by their parents to abstinence, just to the base when widespread violence, "32 days into a dormitory glass block, bathroom tiles, urinals are broken off, the original room wood cabinets, are students kick rotten, now unified buy plastic box for their use." Students for full closed management, can not bring any electronic products.

teenagers about the shocking. "There is a time to play the game, sitting in front of the computer for 3 days and two nights, no rest, in addition to the toilet, eat instant noodles, is playing all kinds of games, tired of playing one another, playing various games. Play too much, even the words will not say, feel the whole world is shaking." Willing to base in Hebei Zhangjiakou 17 year old Li Liang (a pseudonym) said, began to indulge game, junior high school, their continuous inextricably bogged down in, for the two high school, a high school to take up occupation. "I was completely out of touch with the world, not to talk to others, is playing computer. Later, depression, came to the base."

some people say why parents send their children to school quit addiction? It seems very harsh, because our parents are in no way. I often go to the Internet cafe to find children at night, the city’s Internet cafes I know where. At that time, the mood is desperate, do not want to live." Accompanied by 16 year old son at the base of the treatment of Ms. Wang said the parents of Shanxi.

used to be 16 – the age of 18 years of high school students are more, now the youngest to have a 11 year old. Over the past few children in large cities, and now a lot of children in the small town, indicating the breadth of the depth of online games are expanding." Tao said, in recent years, the patients who received the present >

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