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Remember 2015 network security incidents occurred in the first half

2015 has more than half, look back at the first half of the domestic network security which is the most important major network security issues. Of course, there is bad news, there is good news, good news is better than bad news. Although constantly exposed to new security issues, but are gradually resolved. If the security problem is not exposed to the sun, do not know how many threats in the dark… ..

an impact on the world’s billions of mobile phones Android

in mid April, Ali security research laboratory recently discovered a WiFi killer called Android vulnerabilities. Exploit the vulnerability, hackers can open the WiFi Android mobile phone remote attacks, steal photos, contacts and other important information in the phone, the impact on the market most of the Android devices. After the discovery of vulnerabilities, Ali Security Research Laboratory for the first time the WiFi killer vulnerability details submitted to Google, Google system in a timely manner to inform the development of wpa_supplicant components. Beijing time on the morning of April 23rd, the developer announced that the vulnerability has been repaired, and expressed gratitude to Ali’s security research team.


The good news for

on promoting the healthy development of the domestic network security

network security legislation will soon introduce

June, the relevant departments of the state has convened three operators and including HUAWEI, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, including the Internet giant to discuss and modify, the next step will be to the public for comments. The twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), the fifteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China (NPC), examined the draft of the network security law in.

experts said, is currently revising the legislation of network information security will include network security strategy, planning and promotion of network security, network security monitoring and early warning and treatment of a number of contents, among which the most important one is the national basic information network to provide public communications, radio and television transmission services, energy, transportation, water conservancy, financial and other important.

vulnerability disclosure and disposal of self disciplinary Convention signed

with the network security incidents frequently, a large number of vulnerability mining platform emerged, clouds, Ali cloud shield "prophet" plan and vulnerability box, such as the sky 360, there are third parties have a giant BAT. At the same time, the birth of a large number of vulnerabilities, even make money digging through the occupation of the white hat hacker. The method of vulnerability mining is special, and even a few white hat hackers hit some crooked idea, it is easy to go on the road of no return.

Based on this

, the national Internet Emergency Center (CNCERT) and 32 domestic Internet security company and signed the "Chinese Internet association information disclosure and disposal of self-discipline", common security vulnerability information standard of self-discipline in the way of receiving, disposal and release of the convention.

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