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Engage in the site in addition to CP card but also what all kinds of Web site license Daquan

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Chinese government, through the Internet to the user to pay for the provision of information, e-commerce and other online application services, need to apply for the relevant business license. At present the main license:

The scope of application of the

name of the issuing agency ICP filing is mainly non operating sites, any site in the country are required for ICP filing. Ministry of industry and information technology business website for the record by the Internet to provide users with information services and other activities of the business website. The administrative license of the administrative department for Industry and Commerce (the operation of the network advertisement) the operator of the Internet information service provider designs, produces and releases the network advertisement for others. The administrative organ for Industry and Commerce shall use the Internet to manage cultural products and engage in exhibitions and competitions of Internet culture. The State Council Information Office website Cultural Department of Internet publishing license management news publishing e-commerce website of the business department of press and publication of information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit to carry out Internet audio-visual program service website of National Radio Film and television management of Internet news information service license to engage in Internet news information service within the territory of the Internet drug information service qualification certificate management Internet drug information service on the website of the State Food and drug supervision and management mechanism of telecom business approval is mainly for electronic bulletin board service (BBS) communications authority website value-added telecommunications business license on the altar is to provide wireless value-added business license management website Communication Management Bureau of Telecommunications and information services business in the telecommunications and information services business communication unit Administration of Internet health information service management by the Ministry of health license electronic payment run health website or publish health information to provide health information to Internet users (to be introduced) online payment, electronic currency issuance and liquidation are in need of payment and settlement business scope within the declaration of the people’s Bank of China

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