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The domain name service provider Rainbow Night individual registrations fell by nearly 70%

December 18th morning news, domain name registration policy adjustment after a week began to show. Data show that business users for the service provider domain name registered an increase of 40%, while the number of service providers for individual users registered volume fell by 70%. It is worth noting that both sides are optimistic about the future of the domain name industry.

December 10-11 two days, CNNIC continuous introduction of measures to further standardize the management of CN domain name registration, and the violation of the domain name registration service agencies and registration agencies were processed. Now the distance has been rectification last week, the impact of the new policy has emerged, which makes the domain registrar in different Rainbow Night.

"domain name registrations this week we grew 40%, 10 thousand nets vice president of marketing Huang Haijun told Sina Technology when this number, somewhat cautious. As the domain name service provider China maximum, clearly do not want the nets in this sensitive period showed a thriving like.

no matter from which point of view, this is a gratifying figure. In fact, even the amount of registered domain name CN nets also increased slightly. This rose yellow Navy will be attributed to the network provided to the service quality of enterprise, although this is somewhat highfalutin. However, he did not mention that the closure of peers also have a negligible impact.


will be the largest domain name service oriented network to business users, then renamed China is the domain name service provider for individual users of the largest. Even many long commercial website, still use the name Chinese service.

these days CN domain name registrations fell by more than 70%, "China CEO Kong Dejing Frank said on Sina technology. It has to be pointed out that, "Chinese after most of the registered business is from the CN domain name. Kong Dejing gives the data show that the day before the CN domain registration in 2000 or so, and now only a few hundred.

obviously, domain name registration policy adjustment, the negative impact is more obvious for "Chinese.

, however, whether it is yellow Navy or Kong Dejing, are considered strictly controlled CN domain name registration is a good thing for the industry as a whole, in their view, this will be conducive to the development of the industry more standardized. Kong Dejing also holds the same view is not without reason, because the other main business name is China domain name transaction.

has invested more than one million of domain name investors on Sina Technology, said the new policy after the introduction of the CN domain name is not only a reasonable application, but also enhance the value of the CN domain name. According to reports, yesterday he was on the price of 98000 yuan to sell some of the domain name of the hands of the pack.

although the new policy number caused some panic, Kong Dejing is optimistic that "Chinese domain registration business will soon return to the former level.

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