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The idea of the network caused by piracy off station site checked tide

known as the country’s largest pirated high-definition portal was seized by the police, causing a large number of domestic piracy sites closed shop tide. According to the "JINGWAH times" reported that the Beijing Municipal Cultural law enforcement corps joint police action on the day before, the website of pirated HD network CEO Zhou et al arrested on charges of alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.

network has a total of 139 employees, among them, Zhou and other 8 directors of the company and the backbone for alleged infringement of intellectual property crime has been under criminal detention, and another 30 employees were released more than 50 thousand downloads will face detention.

Identify the

law enforcement departments, the network not only rely on the fee charges, also opened Taobao outlets, direct sale member PT invitation code, monthly or annual VIP membership card, but also to maintain long-term cooperative relations with the sale of the mobile hard disk of the Taobao store selling Full HD Movie hard copy.

a message, quickly lead to a large number of domestic similar sites close tide, including a well-known television, everyone home, CHD PT station, Chinese HD network alliance etc..

everyone in the film, said micro-blog, the site is temporarily closed, and recommended to the user 7 similar sites. Home after the closure of web page only a word "mountains crumble, the river for the exhaust, the thunder rumbles in winter, Xia Yuxue, heaven, but dare and the king must".

today also coincides with the thirteenth World Intellectual Property day. A large number of users expressed regret for the closure of everyone’s film, but they guess, these sites are closed just to avoid the limelight, it can be reopened soon.

"everyone gradually closed the download of resources, but the subtitle download and film and television will continue, of course, subtitles translation subtitles must be continued. We will guide you to some excellent overseas sources to download the source station after." Everyone film so reply Sina technology.

5 years, the large pirated movies disappeared

in recent years, with the gradual maturity of the domestic related industries, the growing demand for anti piracy, a large number of pirated video sites have been closed or closed.

at the end of 2009, BTChina, BT, a large number of birds, such as the closure of a large number of websites, opened a prelude to large-scale anti piracy. BTChina Chinese name BT China Alliance, was the country’s largest BT download stations, the average number of visits per day for 250 thousand people. At that time, the website received SARFT notice, because there is no audio-visual license, the Ministry of industry to delete the record number, BTChina shut down.

This wave of

closures affecting a wide range of a large number of pirated video site was forced to transition, which everyone in the film "the development plan and transformation" about everyone in the film the bulletin said, "after the web site will be in the film subtitle translation and discussion as the main development, completely abandon the video sharing."

, however, in the strong appeal of users, not long after the restoration of the film and television that everyone provides video download chain >

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