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These ten years of decline of the nternet Co


25 days, was determined by the Internet Co life and death test period was so short.

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest statistics, the total number of websites in China reached 3 million 570 thousand, an increase of 6.6% in six months. There are millions of mobile terminal applications such as APP is to seize the attention of the user’s mobile Internet era. The "blood", an Internet service can survive, only 25 days available for testing — if 25 days have been unable to attract users, we might lose the future.

however, inventory in recent years, the Internet industry, will find the first hurdle is only 25 days of Internet enterprise must face. Many companies not only in the 25 days battle, has also become a model. But after two or three years, and quickly fall. They have both the original local enterprises, but also foreign giants. The reason of their failure, or "braggart, pull the banner", or a "burning", or ignore the user experience, or lack of management capacity under the line…… From the brilliant to the data behind the decline, the Internet companies must learn the lesson.

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comments: the Internet like the new concept, but only the concept of no real service, can only be a bubble.

was founded in 90s at the end of the last century, with a loud name, and is the first name of China concept, landed on the U.S. NASDAQ Internet Co, and in early 1999, the Alibaba earlier than Ma Yun for 15 years.

even so, in the world of Internet feudal lords vying for the throne, resounding name, glorious history, and did not let become the first major portals. On the contrary, as early as 2004, the Chinese network was thrown out of the first echelon of the portal, the main problem is the lack of core business. Worse, in 2011, 12 years after the listing, China announced bankruptcy protection.

from the perspective of the development of the Chinese network, made a portal, but also to test the water over the software development, the game industry, but not the lack of capital operation. This also allows China’s own social network, network video, e-commerce, software services, information services and other so-called Internet industry hot areas. Unfortunately, no matter which one, is tasted, that. Especially in dealing with the relationship between service expansion and capital operation, the Chinese network is inclined to the latter, thus increasing emphasis on services and functions of the Internet battlefield lost competitiveness.

after the transfer and reorganization of the shareholder is now, China radio international and country wide network station’s operating companies, listed at the beginning of the influence and the website cannot be mention in the same breath.

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comment: ignore the user experience, the user will give you color see.

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