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Site to escape at the end of the 28 law of only a handful of

at the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, Italy called the Pareto economist, he believes that in any of a group of things, the most important of which only a small part, about 20%, the remaining 80% is only minor, this is the familiar "28 law".

seems to be true of the domestic Internet industry, according to Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) the latest statistics show that currently there are 2 million 790 thousand sites, of which there are nearly 80% sites in the idle state, that is to say, only 20% of the sites will be frequented by users. According to the analysis of the agency’s website was "the main reason abandoned" has three points: first, a large number of idle website domain name is difficult to memory, there is no repeat; secondly, Internet users believe that the website credibility is too low, there is no order; in addition, some sites lack of marketing, interactive services, customer management and other functions.

the body of the site was "abandoned" analysis is reasonable, because throughout the past ten years, the domestic Internet, both portals, search engines, blog, or game website, video website, group purchase website, a noisy crowd together competition is not a few, but the last laugh is also only a few several.

refinement to a website, it is not so. Google was started mainly is to do a search, the interface is quite simple, it was from Baidu, because they understand that their core business is the search engine, rather than providing news and information, mail services, and even online games. Of course, now Google is the world’s largest Internet Co, Baidu is also known as one of the world’s top fourth Internet Co, but after all, the most profitable or their core business, including search music search, news, pictures, and even Baidu to force the online game field, these are not the focus of their.

perhaps, you will say, the Tencent should be an exception, because Tencent do the game, the game in the first row; Tencent mailbox, mailbox users soared to let NetEase deeply headache; Tencent as a portal, between is to narrow the gap with sina; but for Tencent, the core or the indestructible huge QQ users no, this is basic, what is the question. This, I believe as antivirus software is the bright younger generation has deep experience, 360, based on the user has billions of dollars, currently 360 in the browser field, or in the mobile phone security software, are rising rapidly, so many traditional companies to catch up.

In contrast, the

close to 8 in the idle state website, about 2000000 Chinese websites in the first half of this year, indeed, the global Internet site number are in decline, while the number Chinese website also bear the brunt of the website number decreased from 3 million 230 thousand at the end of last year to 2 million 790 thousand, but for the vast majority of Internet users, hundreds of thousands of websites appear to reduce did not have much impact on them. Because for them, log on Sina browse news is definitely more interesting than an unknown information on the site, Baidu search is definitely more than on the valley sister who search >

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