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The world’s largest domain name service provider GoDaddy prospectus submitted to finance $1 billion


the world’s largest domain name service provider GoDaddy prospectus submitted


technology news Beijing time on June 10th morning news, the Internet host and domain name registration service GoDaddy Monday submitted IPO (initial public offering) application. The company 3 years ago, the price of $2 billion 250 million acquisition of private equity Holdings Company.

GoDaddy application shows that plans to raise $100 million in IPO. However, sources close to the company said that the amount of financing has not yet been finalized, and GoDaddy did not determine the number of shares sold.

Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan chase and Citigroup is the main underwriter of GoDaddy listed, GoDaddy has not yet announced what will be listed on the stock exchange, what stock code.

GoDaddy reported that in 2013 revenues of $1 billion 130 million, a net loss of $200 million. The 2012 revenue of $979 million, a net loss of $279 million. 2014 first quarter, GoDaddy revenue of $320 million, a net loss of $51 million.

also reported that it currently holds $133 million in cash and $1 billion 80 million in long-term liabilities.

GoDaddy was applied for IPO in 2006, but then chose to give up due to the valuation problem. At that time, GoDaddy founder and CEO Bob · (Bob Parsons) in a blog, said he hated the securities and Exchange Commission’s "silent period" provisions. He thinks the silence is "suffocating", and he doesn’t want to stop a weekly radio show, or attend other radio and television shows.

Parsons at the end of 2011 no longer serve as GoDaddy CEO. In the previous 1 months, GoDaddy at a price of $2 billion 250 million sold to a consortium of investors, including private Holdings Company, Crossover Ventures and Technology KKR silver. These companies have now received investment returns. GoDaddy recently received $1 billion 100 million in loans, and $350 million of its dividend payments.

According to the

IPO file, KKR and GoDaddy currently holds 28% of the shares, while the Technology Crossover Ventures stake to 12.6%. Most of the remaining shares of the company are held by Parsons.

in accordance with the terms of management and supervision fee termination agreement, at IPO, GoDaddy needs to pay $25 million to private Holdings Company.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registration services. The company over the past two years

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