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Where is the former webmaster


Baidu news search related keywords, found from the last Discuz market brand exposure has been a few months ago. This had become fashionable for a time of community software, once occupied Chinese BBS market 80% market share; with its founder C (80 entrepreneur Dai Zhikang) do fade out Twitter Life, leaving Tencent and transformation of investors; Discuz has long been the voice.

maybe Discuz! Team has long been silent because the webmaster once thought Discuz! Has stopped development; in fact, many webmasters have no day, hang by a thread. In the face of the impact of the mobile Internet, most of the local, vertical communities live webmasters who did not find a better direction of development. Now the webmaster can be divided into three categories:

first class: a person, a computer, a server, paste copy the contents of SEO in exchange for traffic flow and selling (advertising alliance, brand advertising, etc.) this "traffic reselling" as the core of the webmaster mode has not adapt to the mobile Internet era. In the mobile terminal, the form of the traffic is changed, and the cost is higher;

second: give up the site, direct transformation of micro-blog, and WeChat as the micro Amoy, the public, continue to provide content to make money through the network marketing; after all, this is the flow of merchants "that set, but from the website platform into other mobile terminal platform. But not for long term marketing route, earn a little money, but always on tenterhooks major platforms including WeChat, has been on sale;

third: entrenched party, shengengxizuo do local site. This kind of webmaster to survive the most comfortable, for example, a small town where the BBS station, the amount of registered users is 80% of the total population of the whole county, the coverage of users is staggering, the annual income can reach 1 million, completely free survival. However, because it is too good to survive, so the constraints of their change and enterprising spirit, the existing success of the local authorities who have entered the shackles of the mobile internet.

In the traditional

Internet era, the webmaster is a keen sense of smell and flexible action, the most down to earth a group of grassroots entrepreneurs, whether portal, community, navigation, blog, SNS, which is a new product, there is a webmaster figure. There are many owners to dig into the pot of gold. In the era of mobile Internet, the webmaster is obviously not a better development direction, as a webmaster ally, Discuz! And the development of new micro community, its development strategy may give the webmaster to specify a different path of development:

in the mobile terminal, the ability to service users more important than the ability to get users.

that is to say, the webmaster do not need to get massive users, but only a part of the precise user, you can live well. This is from the media now

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