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2014 transaction and enable the high priced.CN domain name tens of thousands of.CN to retain the dom

renamed China ( January 15th news, in recent years, with the rapid development of China’s Internet industry,.CN as the national domain name suffix in China, has been hitherto unknown attention in the domain name market in the market is also rising.

tens of thousands of.CN to retain the domain name lifted

figure: 2014 high priced trading of Pinyin domain name

at the end of 2013 to January 2014, CNNIC opened nearly 40 thousand reserved domain name in the China renamed auction platform launched a public auction for a month, attracted numerous investors and terminal domain is crazy, also opened a good start for the 2014.CN domain name market.

among them, there are a lot of.CN domain names have taken a lot of money prices, RAPOO technology to 3 million 98 thousand yuan photographed, it is the highest bid price in the history of.CN domain name domain name. In addition, Sohu swim were 1 million 502 thousand and 1 million 4 thousand yuan to get the and and other domain names.

Pinyin, letters and digital domain name

in the past year, the domain name trading market,.CN domain performance is not good, in which Pinyin, letters and digital domain names accounted for the largest proportion of the exchange. Both love to fight the domain name, but also the 2 letter domain name, with a price of $816 thousand to shoot, cloud single spelling domain name is shot out of the price of 1 million 898 thousand yuan. "Game" Larry domain with 7 digit price.

in the shortest letter domain names, domain name L.CN nearly ten million yuan price of the transaction, the 2 letter domain name is take Jinshan Science and technology with the price of 1 million 100 thousand yuan, and with 7 digit price shoot node. Internet of things 3 letter domain name to complete the transaction of $1 million 200 thousand.

figure: 2014 high priced.CN domain name

since 2014, the digital domain name market continued higher,.CN digital domain is no exception, the transaction price of, and 2 digital.CN domain reached seven digit, 3 digital domain to 680 thousand yuan, node shoot, and 3 digital domain are also six digit price shoot node.

figure: 2014 high priced.CN domain name

is enabled to build the.CN domain name status

followed by the country to support the pace of.CN domain names, many terminals have also enabled the.CN domain name. Among them, the value of 3 million 98 thousand of the "game" domain name, was used to build the world’s official website;

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