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Baidu second quarter earnings net profit of 2 billion 414 million is not accepting Zexi events affec

Sina Technology News July 29th morning news, Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU) today released the 2016 quarter ended fiscal year ended June 30th unaudited financial results for the second quarter. The report shows that Baidu’s second quarter total revenue of RMB 18 billion 264 million yuan (about $2 billion 748 million), an increase of 10.2%. Second quarter net profit of RMB 2 billion 414 million yuan (about $363 million 200 thousand), down 34.1%.

in addition to revenue and net profit, Baidu’s second quarter earnings report as well as the following noteworthy points:

1) four important operating data have increased by

mobile search monthly living number increased by 4 million. June 2016, the number of monthly active users of Baidu mobile search business was 667 million, in the first quarter of the month to live for the people of 663 million.

Baidu mobile map service increased by 22 million monthly living. June 2016, the number of monthly active users of Baidu mobile map business was 343 million, in the first quarter of last month to live for the people of 321 million.

total transaction (GMV) grew by $2 billion in the second quarter of 2016, the total transaction value of Baidu transaction services (GMV) was RMB 18 billion yuan (about $2 billion 700 million), the total transaction volume in the previous quarter (GMV) was 16 billion yuan.

Baidu Wallet New activation account 15 million. At the end of June 2016, Baidu wallet has activation of the account number reached 80 million, a quarter ended statistics 65 million.

2) camp accepting Wei Zexi incident little impact

in the main income, search advertising and promotion as the core network revenue still occupy the absolute position, and through the "Wei Zexi incident" at the beginning of May, Baidu second quarter revenue was not significantly affected by network marketing.

report said that second quarter Baidu network marketing revenues of $16 billion 939 million (about $2 billion 549 million), accounting for 92.75%, while the previous quarter of $14 billion 931 million (about $2 billion 316 million), accounting for more than.

, in contrast, experienced the Wei Zexi incident, Baidu’s overall network marketing revenue has not been affected, but the proportion of revenue has declined. Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe also pointed out in the earnings of this, she said, "Wei Zexi incident" let Baidu in the second quarter of the challenge.

3) to increase investment 317 million yuan

of Iqiyi

Baidu reported, Iqiyi Baidu cost as the core content costs also further increase. Baidu second quarter content cost of $1 billion 699 million (about $255 million 600 thousand), the proportion of total revenue was 9.3%.

while in the first quarter, Baidu’s content cost was 13.8>

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