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According to the new strategy of Baidu to develop Amoy website marketing

Baidu search engine has been the big boss, especially after Google out of China, Baidu is bullish, Amoy feature with API website, Baidu is disgusted with. Especially recently, Baidu is updated frequently, K station again and again, how many webmaster have the size Voices of discontent. Amoy webmaster, jittery all day. Whether it is the old railway station, whether it is cheating did not cheat, K you did not discuss, how many owners have returned to understand overnight. So there are a lot of friends ask me, is not the end of the guest guest website and no future Taobao?


I began to eat a reassurance, not only the end of guest arrival, but the future is still bright. Baidu is on the guest website is not friendly, have a lot of friends of the site being hard to repair wounds. But it does not mean that there is no guest website development space. We want to get rid of the need to find new breakthrough, re positioning their own website, to find a suitable new marketing strategy for Baidu, I will talk about the guest website frequently update how to find new marketing strategies.

a, rapid change, find their own search

in Chinese search this world, although Baidu is dominant, but as we these personal guest website, still have a lot of free space. Google, soso, Sogou search engine is also very influential, have proficiency in a particular line. As long as we can seize even if any one, we can benefit from. There have been many precedents, some traffic through search, some traffic through Google. Anyway, don’t hang on a tree, whether black or white, have the flow is good.

two, abandon search, find a way out

this is my focus today, but also for the guest website. Some friends said, not only Baidu, other search is not good to serve, that good, we will not wait after the. What are we going to do? We have to rely on human resources, our customers, our members. In fact, if you want, you may have found that even if Baidu included, there is traffic, is also a lot of empathy, we as trassient as a fleeting cloud, will not go to a strange place to immediately pay shopping, therefore, Baidu to flow is often no conversion. A conversion or the old members, members introduced friends are, in view of this, understand the webmaster may have to understand, we lies in human resources, is the old customers and old members, our task is not only to grasp this part of people, the most important is also on their lips to give us propaganda, to promote our. So how do we do? I think you should according to their own circumstances, to engage in some activities, do not play false, because most people are not early, you do not give people the benefits, what people say good words for you, give you publicity. We must be based on the initial publicity losing money earned crying, lose money to popular thought. We can see that liberty rebate network, Baidu almost no ranking.

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