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Ename write a new melody domain name registration price does not rise or fall

with the ‘domain name’ hit the volume of the world, in the early VeriSign raised the registered price of com/net, and now released the latest price adjustment, the price of the domain name to float. Many domestic registration agencies have raised prices.

since October 1st, many of the domain name registration agencies have been transferred to the price, such as.Com meters high to 60 yuan, the new network is also adjusted to this level. It is reported that this new policy so that the current downturn in the domain name industry is even worse. Many growers have reaction, this adjustment is really a big hit, raising the cost of investment, directly affect the price fluctuation of the whole industry, rice farmers interests are some breakage. Even some rice farmers, has wide adjustable prices nationwide not all transferred to the domain name brokerage company high.

"domain name to sing around the high profile, the melody is too high, and I really want to have a ‘low-key’ domain brokerage firm." On the Internet, many growers have expressed. They feel that all the domain registrar as long as a fixed price, seize the opportunity to seek greater profits.

in fact, there is a professional brokerage company in accordance with the requirements of rice farming, "low-key". Earlier, has caused much controversy when the domain name registration price increase, the company will not raise prices, so that the majority of the rice farmers who truly enjoy "low-key" has brought convenience and fast.

and this time, the company also launched a ‘low-key’ policy?

as the reporter in-depth interviews, the name is "network terminal Technology Co. Ltd. ( is a large and reputable professional domain name registration agency, renamed according to staff revealed that the company will no longer be renamed" low-key "act, but they do not follow to improve the domain name into price does not rise, Lord in this large-scale domain! To make up favorable decision, vital for rice farming, rice farmers no longer to let a high price prohibitive regulation.

it is understood that the company’s com/cn price has increased from 60 and 45, down to 50 and 40, the real implementation does not rise the main melody of anti ‘down’, so that the majority of farmers get more profits in the Ename this "drop".

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