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Baidu know open platform release will provide free server space

news June 24th, Chinese search engine Baidu today announced the Baidu know open platform, Baidu will know by sharing cooperation in technology, brand, content and other aspects of the professional website, to bridge the gap between knowledge demand and knowledge sharing provider, will result to cover a wider population.

on the same day, Baidu market and Baidu Zhu Guang, senior director of public relations and community vertical search product director Li Jian and from around the world more than 50 key cooperation website of Internet technology company executives, experts and entrepreneurs domestic top more than and 100 people attended the conference.

It is understood that

, Baidu open platform is based on a Baidu web search and Baidu know the open knowledge sharing platform, is committed to meet the cooperative website, users, users browse and answer questions and other aspects of the common interests of users.

for cooperation website, Baidu know open platform provides channel cooperation and cooperation data of two modes for freedom of choice, and the channel bandwidth and server space are provided free by Baidu, and support the function of the platform upgrade.

Baidu senior marketing and PR Director Zhu Guang said that the Baidu know and explore the open platform for the release of both Baidu Internet users access to information to meet the demand in the process, Baidu is also one of the important measures to know the strategic industry layout. Baidu will be the most open attitude, welcome more partners to join the construction of this knowledge sharing ecosystem.

at present, including New Oriental, swim long network, good doctor online, video games bus, 51 boutique learning network and other industries to participate in the mainstream website.

According to

, a good doctor online, that channel has long travel network cooperation website on-line, according to their own situation, choose cooperation mode, cooperation channel data, bring timely, convenient and accurate answers to the user experience. And later Baidu will partner website value ask Baidu know import database, meet outside the station users browsing needs, bring traffic at the same time as the website, play the dissemination of knowledge, transfer and share value.

it is reported that since December 2006, Baidu has established a group of experts know know, know, including creating a commune knowledge head, know that the team and other channels, to lay the foundation for the construction of the knowledge society.

it is worth noting that at a time when Baidu know 5 anniversary birthday gift is an open platform Baidu know, also marks the Baidu know the world’s largest Chinese interactive quiz platform to promote the new industrial layout adjustment, speed up the industrial chain extension of the brand.

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