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Baidu began to turn off the bidding system gradually turned to Phoenix nest

Baidu is finally going to bid farewell to its use of 8 years of competitive ranking system. Reporters learned that Baidu has quietly closed in June 16th on the part of the competitive ranking system, phoenix nest system began to take over the management of some of its key words. The industry believes that this means that Baidu to speed up the phoenix nest instead of PPC system timetable.

on the evening of June 16th, there are Baidu business users to reflect, there are already some key words can not be competitive ranking of the old system management. The reporter then got the Baidu internal notice to customers, the notice said: "the professional edition will gradually take over the existing promotion position and existing key management functions, and eventually took over all promotion position and keyword management function."

after verification to Baidu, the notice referred to the so-called professional edition, is the industry frequently referred to phoenix nest promotion system. Baidu executives had on several occasions made it clear that, as a new generation of search marketing management platform, "phoenix nest" will solve common search results and PPC search results confusing, and can help the enterprise to enhance the promotion effect. The development of this system, Baidu spent a year and a half, and spent most of the 2008-2009 R & D expenses. There are more than a month, phoenix nest and competitive ranking two systems have been used in parallel.

sources said that although the phoenix nest function and promotion effect than the old system, but some companies feel relatively more complex, in the function of familiar with the habits, needs a period of adaptation, so Baidu is also not overnight stop competitive ranking. Baidu last night to stop part of the PPC system, equal to the announcement of the prelude to the replacement work. Baidu yesterday refused to disclose the overall ranking of the auction schedule was replaced, but insiders said, Baidu has decided to speed up the replacement of the auction ranking system speed.

analysts believe that, for Baidu, the long-term maintenance of two search advertising system will bring a huge waste of manpower, material resources, and therefore accelerate the replacement of the bidding ranking is also expected. Phoenix nest represents the mainstream of the future search marketing, can not be in a short period of time to allow enterprises to accept and master phoenix nest, will be a test of Baidu’s future work." The source told reporters.

and Wall Street analysts worry that phoenix nest system may reduce the market share of Baidu’s view, the famous analyst Ai Rui think, is expected to phoenix nest system fully launched, Baidu share in the Chinese in the search field will continue to expand.

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