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The venture of teasing taste industry will be born unicorn

maybe two or three years later, the market will Chinese sex toys, and the digital home appliances market ushered in a completely broke, and for the industry how to maintain and hone products of the company, it will be a blessing.


entrepreneurial wave is sweeping all industries crazy. According to the data released by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, from March last year at the beginning of the formal implementation of commercial registration system reform to the end of May this year, newly registered enterprises have 4 million 854 thousand households, the average daily new registration number is 10 thousand and 600. In other words, at home, every minute there are 7 companies set up. In this wave of entrepreneurship, emerging industries represented by the Internet is one of the most important force, but because of the larger project by BAT and other giants received almost, now most of the entrepreneurial orientation is the transformation of traditional industries, is also the national advocate Internet plus. The taste of the industry by virtue of this share of the spring breeze, is gradually from the people into the public opinion of the secret area is hard to say.

market prospects, many brands but no one to eat cake

from the country’s first fun shop, Adam Eve began, China’s fun industry has gone through more than 20 years. In this 20 years, interest industry overall gross margin over 60%. high rate of return to Adult supplies store quickly and quietly in every corner of the city streets. With the advent of the Internet era, people began to break once the psychological barriers, eco industrial chain Adult supplies are being quietly changed: a group of interest, as he chunshuitang, lovers and other characteristics of the channel retailers in the rapid growth and become the darling of the capital. All people are more confident about the future, only from Taobao’s data show that the number of people interested in buying Taobao every year to grow by more than 50%. In 2013, the number of people in the purchase of Taobao products has been close to 20 million, is the 2010 times of 4.6. While data show that in 2011, domestic supplies industry of domestic retail sales is 120 billion yuan, which accounted for 15% of the equipment; a total of 20 tens of thousands of retail stores nationwide, of which 30% is the next line store; from 2006 to 2011, the industry compound growth rate is 20%, is expected to 2016 will reach 30%. The surge in demand is the biggest reason fun industry fast.

so much fun supplies market is possible? No one can give a specific data, but all people know that this market has been in rapid growth, although in recent years there are many entrepreneurial projects aimed at the spice industry, but the market still has not seen a situation of saturation, it is exciting. But even so, but there is also a fact that we have to face, that is whether the girl had dropped 90 Ma Jiajia’s global or not, the famous brand hall, had reached up the magnitude of the true meaning of the cake. Why is it? "

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