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Discussion on the development trend of B2B Market

although the B2B market momentum is good, but the B2B market is still immature. This immaturity is reflected in many of the innate advantages of B2B transactions, such as online price negotiations and online collaboration has not yet fully played out.


report pointed out that by 2004, although online transactions accounted for the entire market share of 40%, but perhaps 11% B2B transactions related to online price negotiation, the vast majority of online transactions simply order execution. But in fact, for many companies, online price negotiation is an indispensable part of the depth and breadth of cooperation between buyers and sellers on the internet.

The survey report of the

Consulting Group in Boston is based on in-depth interviews with 260 online trading parties. Boston Consulting Group Vice President Jim · Andrew believes that in the near future, B2B this shallow level transaction model can not completely simulate the traditional business mode, almost half of the respondents to the online transactions need to cooperate with the traditional network communication, in order to improve the whole transaction.

report also pointed out that with the maturity of B2B trading and price comparison mechanism, the seller’s market pressures will increase. The survey found that 25% of the seller has felt the price of the heavy pressure brought about by the comparison, and another 50% of respondents said that the price comparison of the pressure will bring pressure on them in the near future.

this report presents a valuable analysis of the evolution of the B2B market. The report pointed out that both sides of the B2B transaction is expected to simplify the B2B trading market in each transaction area, do not want to diversify the trading platform. As a trading platform itself also hopes to integrate, do not want too many competitors.

on the next 1 to 2 years, the evolution of B2B, there are the following 8 predictions:

(1) B2B website will show the giants dominate the world " one-sided " pattern. Geometrically earnings growth characteristics determine the first to reach the site of sufficient scale size and liquidity level will be even higher than B2C consumer portal or retail giant; and later even ranked second, the effect in this area will be greatly reduced.

(2) industry B2B website is difficult to diversify from the industry to diversify. This kind of website can only compete in a particular industry or area, may also make some progress in business and industry is very close in the field, but it is extremely difficult to get involved in other industries.

(3) industry and functional sites will appear to focus on complementary advantages of the joint. Although the industry website industry advantages, but the lack of functional expertise, and functional website is the lack of industry experience and customer relationship, the two joint is between across industries and the functional site of the gully, complementary advantages, in this kind of joint, the industry website will turn on

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